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Ripon is considered the jewel of San Joaquin County, with an easy-going way of life and convenient access to State Route 99. Still, dangerous traffic accidents and other causes of brain injuries can happen anywhere. A brain injury is one of the most devastating injuries that can be suffered in a traffic accident. When a negligent driver or other entity is the reason it happens, the injured party can claim compensation for those injuries with the help of an injury lawyer.

What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A TBI causes a change in brain functions and can happen due to a jolt, bump, or even a rapid back-and-forth movement. In some cases, the symptoms may be minor and heal with time. In others, a TBI can have devastating consequences and result in the individual becoming permanently disabled or dying. Some of the ways a brain injury occurs include:

  • Falls are the most common cause of brain injury.
  • Traffic accidents come in a close second as the cause of a TBI.
  • Recreational activities and participation in sports such as football are common causes of brain injury.
  • Assaults account for some brain injuries.
Traumatic Brain Injury Types

A TBI can range from minor to significant. The type and severity of the injury are directly related to the need for hospitalization, the kind of treatment, and the prognosis. They include:

  • Concussion: Concussions can occur from blows to the head that are mild or severe. In less serious cases, the concussion heals in several months. However, some traumas show cognitive changes, headaches, and more for extended periods.
  • Hematoma: A blood clot on the brain’s surface is a hematoma. They may happen anywhere in the brain and exhibit a blood collection between the skull and the brain’s protective covering called the dura mater. A small hematoma may go away on its own or worsen with time, requiring surgical drainage or a craniotomy.
  • Hemorrhage: A hemorrhage inside the skull involves bleeding inside the brain tissue, similar to a stroke. Although many people survive a brain hemorrhage, it can depend on its severity, and recovery may take months.
  • Skull fracture: A crack or break in the skull can damage the brain inside because of an accident. In addition, a skull fracture can cause the cerebrospinal fluid to leak through the ears or nose and cause seizures and infections.
  • Hemorrhage over the surface of the brain: Called a subarachnoid hemorrhage, this type of TBI causes bleeding that appears over the brain’s surface. Many of these injuries are mild, but a severe bleed can cause fluid buildup, which can be dangerous and require surgical intervention.
  • Ischemia is a decrease in the blood supply to the brain, which happens in some people who suffer from a TBI. Since the brain is sensitive to even a tiny drop in the blood supply, it can cause damage.
  • Diffuse Axonal Injury: This type of injury occurs when the brain shifts suddenly inside the skull, and the axons, an extension of the nerve cells, are sheared off. If the damage is severe enough, the nerve cells can no longer communicate, which causes severe impairment. The patient may not only face severe disabilities but also an increased risk of death.
Recovery of Damages Following a Brain Injury Accident

In cases where the individual faces hospitalization or a permanent disability due to a brain injury, many seek personal injury damages from the individual or their insurance company. This is because recovery can be lengthy, or the injury causes cognitive deficits, making it difficult or impossible for the injured person to care for themselves. The family often cannot handle the financial or physical burden and need help. Areas where compensation may be sought include:

  • All medical expenses associated with the accident are recoverable. This includes ambulance fees, hospitalization, testing, surgeries, physicians’ bills, prescriptions, and rehabilitation. Out-of-pocket expenses, such as taxi fare or gasoline to the doctor, are also recoverable.
  • If the brain injury is expected to go on into the future, the injury lawyer can factor those costs into the settlement.
  • Lost wages are recoverable. If the injured party can return to work, even on a limited basis, or has to take a lower-paying position, the difference in pay is recoverable. Suppose the injured party has become permanently disabled and cannot work in the future. In that case, the amount of their salary, including bonuses, insurance, and pension, can be recovered up until their expected retirement.
  • The spouse can recover compensation for losing consortium, affection, and moral support due to the accident.
Seeking Advice Following an Accident Brain Injury

We have successfully handled many brain accident injury claims to help the injured party obtain fair compensation over the years. Because we are personal injury lawyers, we work on a contingency basis. This means that our client owes us nothing until their case is won. We offer a free, no-obligation claim review to answer your questions and tell you whether you have a case and what options are open to collecting damages.

In the video below, Dr. Barrett discusses new methods for brain injury rehabilitation.

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Ripon Brain Injury Lawyer

Because brain injuries are often severe, they can lead to extensive hospitalization and high medical bills. A severe injury can cause a significant drain on family finances. If a negligent driver or other entity was the cause, the injured party might want to find out about placing a compensation claim. Call our Ripon brain injury attorneys for free and friendly advice at (209) 227-1931 or (800) 404-5400.

Information about a law firm is helpful when an injured resident of Ripon is looking for free advice about placing a claim. See our Settlements and Verdicts to learn how we have helped others.

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