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The old adage is that a dog is a man’s best friend. Unfortunately, this does not always prove to be true. In fact, when a dog becomes vicious and attacks someone, the ramifications can be pretty serious. Many dog attack victims suffer horrific, permanent injuries or even die.

If you have suffered devastating injuries in a dog bite incident, you may be eligible to pursue compensation for your damages. Call our experienced Loomis dog bite lawyers today at (916) 921-6400 to discuss a potential injury claim. We offer free, friendly, and compassionate advice.

National Statistics on Dog Bites

Each day, approximately one thousand people in the United States require emergency treatment for serious dog bite injuries. Nearly 9,500 people require hospitalization due to a dog attack. A child no older than nine is the most common victim of a fatal dog attack.

Furthermore, most vicious dog attacks were committed by a dog belonging to a close neighbor or friend, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Strict California Law Holds Dog Owners Responsible  

California does not mess around when it comes to holding dog owners responsible for the injuries caused by their pets. According to California Civil Section 3342, also known as California’s dog-bite law, a dog owner is “strictly liable” for the injuries caused by their dog. An excellent way to think of strict liability is this: nowhere to hide. The owner of the dog cannot hide or evade liability. It does not matter if the dog owner treated the dog well or had no idea that their dog could attack and hurt another person.

The dog owner will likely be required to compensate you for your injuries. This stands in stark contrast to some other states that give dog owners a proverbial “free pass” for the first bite (also known as the “one-bite rule”) before they become liable for the damages caused by their dog. But again, this is not the law of the land in California, and dog owners become responsible from the very first bite.

What To Do to Strengthen Your Rocklin Dog Bite Case

To fully preserve your right to a fair recovery, you can take different steps to strengthen your potential claim. You do not need to complete all of the following steps before contacting a Rocklin dog bite attorney. Still, these tips help preserve critical evidence and lay the foundation for a solid personal injury claim.

  • Seek medical care immediately. Your well-being is the most crucial factor. Do not wait to seek help if you are injured from a dog attack.
  • Identify the dog that bit you. If you know the dog’s breed, size, and appearance, that information can help. Most importantly, identify the owner of the dog. This is critical. A dog bite personal injury claim is typically filed against the homeowner’s insurance policy of the dog owner. If possible, the information you should obtain will include the owner’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • Track down any witnesses to the attack and get their contact information. In filing your claim, witness statements can help establish the facts of your case. You want to avoid a messy he-said-she-said style of accusation if possible.
  • Photograph any wounds or bruises. Pictures can help establish the extent of your injuries at the attack. Please also photograph any ripped, torn, or bloodied clothing.
  • Contact Local Animal Control (Rocklin, Sacramento, Roseville) to report the incident. Animal control will ask you to file an incident report to investigate further.
  • Contact an experienced Rocklin dog bite lawyer to schedule a free consultation. During the meeting, a lawyer will typically sit down with you to discuss the facts of your potential case, including the scope of your injuries, whether anyone saw the attack, and if you have the dog owner’s contact information. If moving forward makes sense to you and the lawyer, a dog bite injury claim can be filed to recover compensation for your injuries and other losses.
Compensation Through a Dog Bite Injury Claim

A dog attack can leave physical and emotional scars that may take weeks or months to heal. This is why you can legally pursue a dog bite injury claim against the owner and seek financial recovery for medical bills, lost wages, and other pain and suffering.

The video below discusses the damages that can be claimed in a dog bite case.

Rocklin Dog Bite FAQ

What if I have been attacked by an unregistered dog?

Rocklin requires that dogs over four months old be registered with them. If you have been injured by a dog, many variables come into play. Many animal attack victims hesitate to call us because they were bitten at a friend or family member’s house. It is important to note that dog owners have insurance for this event. Call our personal injury law firm today for a confidential and free consultation if you have been bitten or attacked by a dog or another animal.

What are some common types of dog bite injuries?

Dogs will likely attack someone’s face, nose, arms, and legs. Injuries such as bruising, puncture wounds, and scarring are common. But elderly adults and young children are much more vulnerable and are susceptible to suffering eye injuries, broken bones, and deep bruising. An infection can be severe if the wounds are not treated immediately.

Dog Bite Attorneys in Rocklin, CA

Our Rocklin dog bite lawyers have handled animal attack claims in Placer County and throughout California since 1982. Get started on your personal injury case today and receive free, friendly advice from one of our attorneys at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400.

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