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Sacramento Vehicle Crushed Roof Injury Lawyer

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If you are involved in a rollover crash while driving a 15-passenger van, SUV, or another vehicle, the probability you will avoid catastrophic injury or wrongful death often will turn on the strength of the vehicle’s roof.  Roof crush accidents frequently cause devastating consequences like spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, fatal internal organ damage, paralysis, and death.  While most vehicles are built, so the passenger compartment provides a safe area of extra protection, vehicle rollover accidents can result in the roof of the vehicle collapsing into this protective zone.  If vehicle occupants are secured with a seat belt, a rollover accident often only causes minor injuries provided the roof does not cave-in on vehicle occupants.  This reality makes the strength of the roof extremely important in terms of the crashworthiness of a vehicle during a rollover accident.

At the Law Offices of Edward A. Smith, we recognize the devastating consequences when vehicle manufacturers cut corners in the design and manufacture of the roof of cars, trucks, SUVs, and passenger vans.  Ed Smith brings the experience and expertise needed to take on the manufacturers of defective vehicles and the large national insurance companies that represent their interests.  Our law firm works closely with engineering, accident reconstruction, and vehicle safety experts to assist a jury in understanding the complex facts involved in a defective vehicle case that causes roof crush injuries.  Ed Smith has focused on representing California personal injury victims since 1982.  We rely on the experience and expertise developed persuasively advocating for victims of defective vehicles for over three decades when representing Sacramento roof crush injury victims.

Litigation of Claims Involving Roof Crush Injuries

Because certain vehicles are more susceptible to overturning in a collision, adequate roof strength is essential to vehicle occupant safety.  SUVs, 12-passenger vans, and 15-passenger vans have both a high center of gravity and a relatively narrow wheelbase, making these vehicles more prone to overturning in a crash.  Manufacturers of vehicles have a legal obligation to design and manufacture vehicles that offer reasonable safety for vehicle occupants.  This legal duty entails manufacturing and selling vehicles that will shield the driver and occupants from certain foreseeable harm, including roof crush injuries, especially in vehicles prone to rolling over.

Evidence presented in lawsuits involving roof crush injuries has revealed that automakers have known their vehicles did not offer sufficient roof strength to justify safely marketing the vehicles to consumers.  Despite this knowledge, vehicle manufacturers have elected to design, manufacture, and sell these vehicles, resulting in severe injury and wrongful death.  Tragically, the motivation for some of these devastating injuries and loss of life has been to save money and prevent production delays.  In some cases, vehicle manufacturers have identified these roof crush design defects through their own vehicle safety testing.  Rather than correcting the problem, automakers in certain cases have suppressed negative test results and green-lighted vehicles for production without regard for the unreasonable potential of a fatal crash.

Some roof crush accident lawsuits also involve manufacturing defects.  In a California lawsuit, the driver of a vehicle suffered severe spinal cord damage because of defective welds that led to a roof collapse.  Sadly, the devastating injury that rendered the victim a quadriplegic occurred toward the end of the collision as the vehicle speed was decreasing.  Regardless of whether the roof defect is related to the design or manufacture of the vehicle, automakers can be financially responsible for a weak roof.

Why You Need a Roof Crush Injury Lawyer

Many people presume that any personal injury lawyer can handle their roof crush injury claim.  However, successful pursuit of this type of judgment or settlement requires an attorney with experience handling these types of cases.  Roof crush lawsuits are complicated and expensive to litigate.  An experienced roof crush lawyer will have the financial means necessary to pay for expensive accident reconstruction and retain top experts.  Ed Smith can provide effective representation by engaging in the following tasks:

  • Conducting Roof Strength Testing: We recognize the distinct procedures and testing methods employed by vehicle manufacturers.  While it is reasonable to assume that the automaker will attempt to avoid liability by contending that the roof complies with federal safety standards, an experienced Sacramento roof crush lawyer understands that these benchmarks are only intended as minimum standards.  Compliance with this low threshold for safety does not necessarily provide a safe haven from liability, so you need an attorney who can persuasively make this argument.
  • Calculation of Damages: Our law firm works with experts who will carefully examine the facts and circumstances of the crash along with medical experts who will be able to assist us in evaluating the full amount of your damages and injuries.
  • Federal Regulations: Ed Smith’s expertise includes knowledge of the complex federal standards applicable to roof strength, as well as the mandated safety testing that manufacturers are expected to undertake to ensure proper occupant protection.
  • Severity of Injury: Because roof crush cases typically involve catastrophic injuries, automakers aggressively contest these cases.  A well-funded and experienced Sacramento roof crush injury lawyer will know how to combat common defenses, such as claims spinal cord injuries were caused by speeding rather than penetration of the roof into the passenger compartment.  We work closely with experts who can explain the mechanics of your crash and the manner in which the collapsing roof exacerbated the severity of your injuries.
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