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Where Can a Slippery Floor Injury Occur?

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Where Can a Slippery Floor Injury Occur?

Retail stores, grocery stores, and superstores are a few of the commercial locations where people can slip and fall, sometimes resulting in a major injury.

Leaking ice machines, lack of mats on rainy days, plumbing problems, and other conditions contribute to wet, slippery floors.

Some establishments use various types of non-slip flooring. Some examples of non-slip flooring include mats, rugs, or non-slip paints. 

Almost all commercial environments will have some type of non-slip material near any area which is prone to liquid or moisture. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We have heard from several people in the Sacramento area who have been injured due to someone’s negligence.

Slippery floors are often the cause of serious slip and fall injuries. In every serious slip and fall case, the attorney should consider slip testing the involved flooring.

Slip and fall injuries can also be minor or result in catastrophic injuries such as spinal injuries.

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