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South Lake Tahoe Pedestrian Accident Lawyer


Pedestrian season in South Lake Tahoe spans the spring, summer, and fall. The mild weather is a draw, and so is the area’s natural beauty. It is a frequent destination for many Northern California outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, the restaurants, shops, and attractions at Heavenly Village bring hordes of people walking along the main drag. Often, many people are out walking throughout the night, as the casinos like Mont Bleu and Hard Rock stay open 24 hours. Accidents inevitably happen with so many pedestrians navigating the area alongside motor vehicles.

Pedestrian versus vehicle accidents can often cause devastating injuries. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, it will help you to have an experienced and skilled South Lake Tahoe pedestrian accident attorney on your team to protect your rights, handle the insurance adjusters, and maximize your financial recovery. Since 1982, the injury lawyers at AutoAccident.com have strongly advocated for Northern Californians who have had their lives adversely affected by a pedestrian accident. Call our legal team at (530) 392-9400 or (800) 404-5400 for a free consultation to discuss your case.

Leading Causes of Pedestrian Accidents 

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise. The year before the pandemic hit 2019, the number of annual pedestrian accidents nationwide was the highest it had ever been. Given how frequently these accidents occur and how terrible they can be, it is essential to understand the common scenarios that can lead to such an incident:

  • Distracted driving. The popularity of mobile devices means motorists are more distracted than ever. Though phones are the biggest culprit, anything that takes a driver’s attention from the road is dangerous. This could include eating, putting on makeup, consulting a GPS, or sightseeing.
  • Executing a turn without looking in all directions. Sometimes, a driver will only look to his or her left, for example, before making a right-hand turn. If a pedestrian has begun to cross the street, this could result in a collision.
  • Impaired driving. Many pedestrian and bicycle accidents are caused by inebriated motorists not staying within their rightful travel lane.
  • Excessive speed. Motorists driving too fast for conditions may be unable to stop in time to avoid striking a pedestrian. Drivers who speed through an intersection on a red light, including pedestrians, put all others on the road at risk.
  • Obstructions to visibility. Many things can impede a driver’s visibility – overgrown trees, winding roads or hills, and unlit areas of the road are examples. Sometimes, such an accident could partly be caused by another entity and the negligent motorist. For instance, whoever is responsible for overgrown foliage that blocks the view may share some responsibility. However, the motorist will also be responsible for any accident that occurs due to limited visibility in the vast majority of instances. Such situations require slower speeds and extra caution.
Protecting Yourself as a Pedestrian 

Before heading out into the world on foot, taking some safety precautions if walking near vehicle traffic is wise. A few examples are:

  • Wear bright clothing during the day. In the evening, wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight. These steps will increase your visibility to motorists.
  • Whenever possible, use a sidewalk. If one is unavailable, walk as far away from traffic as possible in the opposite direction to remain aware of oncoming vehicles. This may allow you time to make an evasive move if necessary.
  • Use a crosswalk. If there are none, cross at a corner without visible oncoming traffic. Look in all directions before you begin to cross.
  • Be mindful of obstacles on the street that could affect visibility. For example, never step out into the roadway from behind a vehicle.
  • Limit distractions – do not use your mobile device while walking. To keep all your senses alert, do not walk while listening to music through headphones.
  • Do not assume that a motorist has seen you. In fact, always assume that they have not – made eye contact with the driver before crossing in front of a vehicle.
Watch the video below to learn more about pedestrian safety.

Finding a Lawyer with Pedestrian Accident Experience

Retaining a skilled injury lawyer promptly after an accident will help to ensure that crucial evidence is gathered. Often, over time, it becomes more difficult to preserve evidence that may become key to the case. Witness statements carry more weight if they are obtained shortly after the event, as it is natural for humans to begin to forget details as time passes. If a nearby security camera happened to catch the incident, the timeline to obtain that footage may be only days before the images are erased. Any evidence that can help establish fault on the motorist is essential to the case, so much so that in some instances, the case may not even be able to go forward without it. You can be sure that the insurance company for the motorist will attempt to assign blame to the pedestrian. A skilled accident attorney can protect your rights in this regard and work to prepare a strong case on your behalf.

Call Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in South Lake Tahoe

Our law firm has advocated for injured Northern Californians for nearly four decades. We have successfully handled numerous pedestrian accident cases. If you or a loved one sustained an injury in a pedestrian versus motor vehicle accident, please call our South Lake Tahoe Pedestrian Accident Attorneys without delay for compassionate, free, and friendly advice at (530) 392-9400 or (800) 404-5400.

Since 1982, we have helped South Lake Tahoe residents recover monetary damages in auto accidents, wrongful death claims, motorcycle crashes, and pedestrian and bicycle accidents. Please visit our Settlements and Verdicts page to see what we have obtained for our clients.

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