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Drivers in South Sacramento are accustomed to sharing the road with big rigs. However, the number of big trucks on California roads has increased recently, and passenger vehicles have increased congestion. One of the problems is that semis weigh up to 80,000 pounds and are much larger than passenger vehicles, which means that a collision with one can result in terrible injuries or fatalities.

If your accident injury or a death in your family was caused by a collision with a big rig, you might be able to claim compensation with the help of an experienced injury lawyer. Our legal team has helped those in South Sacramento since 1982 to collect damages after being hurt because we know how to deal with trucking and insurance companies to help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400 for free and friendly advice about your accident.

Truck Accident Statistics

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the fatalities caused by truck collisions increased by 1 percent in 2018 over the previous year to 4,862. This number is 51 percent higher than in 2009. The injuries reached around 150,000, with more than 25 percent of the accidents happening on highways and 64 percent occurring during daylight hours. 

Cases involving injuries and deaths caused by negligent truckers and the companies that employ them are increasing. My law office is committed to holding these drivers and companies responsible, which helps our clients and makes the roads safer for everyone.

Accidents With Big Rigs

Because of their size and weight, handling a big rig differs greatly from driving a passenger vehicle. In addition, some of the accidents that can occur with a big rig are different. Several of the reasons for an accident caused by a big rig are:

  • Rear-end or head-on collisions: Truck drivers have a blind spot in front that can prevent them from seeing a vehicle, leading to an accident. Head-on collisions are usually caused by the trucker attempting to pass on a rural road without having a clear view. 
  • Jackknifing: A jackknife happens for several reasons, including inexperience on the driver’s part, weather conditions, and speeding. When a jackknife occurs, it causes the trailer to slide around to the side, impacting other nearby vehicles.
  • Blind-spot crashes: There are blind spots on all sides of a tractor-trailer or other big rig. The worst areas are on the left and right sides of the trailer. If a trucker decides to change lanes and forgets or doesn’t notice another smaller vehicle in the next lane, it can lead to a severe accident.
  • Improperly loading a trailer: Improperly loading a trailer means the load may shift unexpectedly, resulting in a rollover or other accident.
  • Loss of control: A trucker speeding, driving distracted, or overly tired can lose control of the vehicle. 
  • Making a wide turn: Semis often partially enter another lane to make a turn. This can be disastrous if another vehicle is in the way.
  • Mechanical problems: Improper maintenance can end up causing the brakes to fail, a leak in the brake lines, a blown tire, or engine problems that can cause an accident. If the driver is an independent operator, they can be held responsible for accident injuries. They may also be accountable if the driver works for a trucking company.
  • Misusing the brakes: This is a problem found with inexperienced drivers. Using the wrong brake can cause a rollover or jackknife accident.
  • Override/underride accidents: These crashes can happen if the driver suddenly backs up or stops or is speeding and cannot stop to avoid a collision with the vehicle in front. 
  • Improper scheduling: Scheduling can be problematic with some trucking companies because they may allow only a short delivery timeline. This can cause the driver to take risks, speed, and cut short or skip rest periods, leading to an accident.

In the following video, South Sacramento truck accident lawyer Ed Smith discusses how injury lawyers are paid and whether you can afford one to handle your claim:

Insurance for Truck Operators and Companies

California mandates specific insurance requirements for anyone in California who operates a commercial vehicle. The amount of insurance they must carry depends on the type of commercial vehicle and other considerations. For example, a vehicle transporting hazardous cargo has more insurance coverage than a moving truck. 

However, trucking companies must carry high liability coverage. A truck accident lawyer in South Sacramento can help you get fair compensation by negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf. If that is unsuccessful, the case may be presented in civil court.

South Sacramento Truck Accident FAQ

Why do I need help to file a claim after a truck accident injury?

Truck accidents can be very different from passenger vehicle collisions. Commercial trucks must obey state and federal regulations and may involve the driver and a trucking company. Getting help from a truck accident lawyer to determine negligence is essential to obtain fair compensation.

How long can I wait to call a lawyer?

Some people hesitate to phone a lawyer immediately because they think they may be charged. However, injury attorneys usually offer a free first consultation. Contacting one as soon as possible is essential before evidence to support your claim disappears or is covered up. The sooner a lawyer and their investigators can start, the more likely they are to be able to collect the necessary evidence to support your claim. 

How do I know what lawyer is right for me?

Looking for an attorney who only practices personal injury law is necessary. A lawyer who handles other types of cases, in addition, may not be versed on the latest changes in the laws or techniques used to uncover evidence. Finding a lawyer with the financial resources to pursue your case and who is comfortable dealing with insurance companies and taking cases to court. 

One way to determine if a lawyer may be a good fit for you and your case is to check out client reviews and previous cases they have successfully handled. Links to ours are included below.

South Sacramento Truck Accident Attorneys

When you’ve been injured or lost a loved one because of a negligent trucker in a South Sacramento truck accident, you can call our South Sacramento truck accident lawyers for free, friendly advice at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400. We can also be reached online.

Since 1982, our law office has helped many people obtain the compensation they deserve for injuries caused by truck collisions, car accidentswrongful deaths, and all types of traumatic injuries.

You are welcome to discover more about we have helped our clients obtain Settlements and Verdicts.

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