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St. Helena Motorcycle Accident Attorney


Riding a motorcycle is a great way to experience some of St. Helena’s most beautiful views. Taking a ride through wine country can be truly exhilarating. While motorcyclists enjoy many benefits, such as reduced gas mileage and the open air, riding a motorcycle also has many serious risks. While most motorcyclists are safe riders, several factors increase the risk involved in motorcycle accidents. I’ve been helping people with motorcycle injury cases in St. Helena since 1982 and have seen how an accident can drastically affect the lives of motorcyclists and their families. I’ve also been able to help families and individuals obtain the compensation they need to recover after such a traumatic event.

Traffic in St. Helena

St. Helena is one of several small communities located in Northern Napa County. It’s surrounded by beautiful vineyards and pastures in one of the most rural areas of California. St. Helena has a population of around 6,000, with relatively low local traffic. However, there are always visitors to wine country. Tourism in the area can mean dangerous amounts of drivers who are unfamiliar with local roads.

According to data from UC Berkeley research, 226 traumatic car accidents were reported within the city limits of St. Helena between 2007 and 2019. Out of these accidents, around 3.5 percent involved a motorcyclist. While only about four percent of collisions in Saint Helena caused severe injuries, motorcycle accidents had a significant trauma rate of around 37 percent. This shows that area accidents involving motorcycles tend to be much more dangerous.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are commonly caused by many factors, including road debris, negligent drivers, weather, faulty vehicle parts, etc. If a road hasn’t been adequately maintained, the city government of Saint Helena or the state of California may be liable to pay for damages. Likewise, drivers who recklessly operate their vehicles may be considered at fault. Manufacturers may be responsible in cases that involve defective vehicle parts.

The following video goes over some of the more common causes of collisions involving motorcyclists:

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Every motorcycle collision is different. However, there are few injuries that people are likely to suffer in a motorcycle accident. Depending on the severity of the injury, people often have difficulty recovering and may no longer perform their jobs. Many people often accumulate a considerable amount of debt related to medical expenses. Some of the injuries that commonly affect motorcyclists include:

How Will I Be Able to Afford My Medical Expenses?

People often worry about recovering from their injuries when concerned about severe financial issues, such as lost income and medical expenses. Usually, the stress related to these concerns can be overwhelming. However, many can help pay for their losses by filing a personal injury claim to hold negligent parties responsible. The payments available to motorcyclists and their families vary depending on the situation. It is always a good idea to check with a local St. Helena motorcycle accident lawyer for professional advice about your case.

St. Helena Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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