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Statistics on Intersection Accidents

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Statistics on Intersection Accidents


The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) reports approximately 2.5 million intersection accidents annually. Most of these crashes involve left turns.

Nationally, 40 percent of all crashes involve intersections, the second largest category of accidents, led only by rear-end collisions. Fifty percent of serious collisions happen in intersections, and some 20 percent of fatal collisions occur there.

An estimated 165,000 accidents occur annually in intersections caused by red-light runners. Fatalities caused by red-light runners run from 700-800 a year.

Making Intersections Safer

In the past few years, a quarter of all traffic deaths and about half of all injuries in the United States occur at intersections. That’s why a big part of tackling road safety challenges involves intersections. Many strategies include geometric design and traffic control devices such as signals, signs, and markings. A combination of these different strategies is required to solve the issue.

Intersection safety is a top local, state, and national priority. Many organizations, such as the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Federal Highway Administration, Institute of Transportation Engineers, and other public and private sectors, continue developing resources to make intersections safer.

Sources for Intersection Safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the primary source of traffic accident statistics. 

The Fatality Analysis Reporting System is an encyclopedia that quickly retrieves fatality statistics. 

The video below provides some essential tips on how to avoid crashes at intersections.

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