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Suisun City Motorcycle Accident Attorney


Suisun City may be a relatively small town, but it’s located near some of Northern California’s most incredible areas. Residents are just hours away from the Sierra Nevadas and even closer to the coast and Napa Valley. With so many places to ride, it’s easy to see why many Suisun City residents ride motorcycles. Not only are local bikers able to get out and enjoy the sights and fresh air, but riding a bike as a regular means of transportation can save you a lot of money on your bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

However, despite the many benefits of riding a motorcycle, motorcyclists still face significant risks and are liable to suffer severe injuries in the event of a crash. In many cases, these injuries significantly impact motorcyclists’ lives.

As accident attorneys, it’s our job to ensure injured motorcyclists can recover the compensation they need to move forward with their lives.

We Focus on Major Injury Cases

The damages motorcyclists suffer from accidents can add up to a large sum. Because cases involving severe injuries can be so valuable, financially liable parties like insurers, negligent drivers, and/or auto manufacturers often do everything they can to disclaim responsibility. These parties will often put considerable time and resources toward their legal defense, making it very hard for injured motorcyclists to claim compensation to cover their damages.

Because these cases can be complex, you must know that your lawyer has the resources, skill, and experience to ensure you receive the payments you deserve. Our law firm only takes on cases involving a fatal or major injury, meaning that our injury attorneys are experts in handling high-value cases. We have decades of experience conducting accident investigations, negotiating settlements, and proving cases in court.

Motorcycle Accidents in Suisun City, CA

The following statistics are based on local government agencies’ data, including the Suisun City Police DepartmentCalifornia Highway Patrol, and the Solano County Sheriff’s Office. These sources indicate 448 traumatic auto accidents occurred in Suisun City between 2009 and 2020. Of these 448 collisions, 29 involved a motorcycle, meaning that around 6.5 percent of Suisun City accidents were motorcycle collisions. In comparison, about 6.1 percent of 20,190 accidents across Solano County involved a bike.

Suisun City’s 29 motorcycle accidents caused two deaths and 35 separate injuries. Altogether, Suisun motorcycle accidents were twice as likely to involve fatal or severe injuries within the city.

Dangerous Intersections in Suisun City

Intersections in Suisun City that were particularly dangerous for motorcyclists during this period included:

  • Railroad Avenue at Sunset Avenue
  • Highway 12 at Sunset Avenue
  • Highway 12 at Emperor Drive
  • Walters Road at Montebello Drive
  • Highway 12 at Marina Boulevard
Staying Safe – What Riders Can Do to Avoid Accidents

It’s impossible to say when or where a crash will happen. However, there are steps that drivers can take to decrease the likelihood of being involved in a severe collision. To learn some critical motorcycle safety tips, watch this video:

Why You Need an Injury Attorney

People injured in motorcycle accidents frequently face a difficult path to recovery. Being injured can be both painful and mentally stressful; recovering can take a long time or cause permanent health issues. To recover, many people need extensive medical care, including surgeries, physical therapy, and more, which can be highly expensive. Affording quality medical care may seem impossible, especially for people who have been left unable to work because of their injuries.

These issues are serious and may leave motorcycle accident survivors feeling overwhelmed. Thankfully, it is often possible to obtain total compensation for these damages and more by working with a Suisun City motorcycle accident attorney to file an injury claim.

However, every injury case is different, and the payments available to you depend on several different factors. For this reason, it’s essential to reach out to an experienced lawyer for advice before making any legal decisions. Most injury attorneys will happily offer you free advice over the phone, so there is nothing to lose by seeking help from a qualified professional.

Running a Holistic Practice

We are often called the “personal” personal injury lawyer. This is because our firm is run holistically, meaning that we focus on our clients personally and prioritize care and compassion during the claims process. We consider our firm a family; our clients are the most important members.

Many firms prefer to keep clients at arm’s length while working on their cases. A strictly business-like approach to injury claims can be practical for some. However, we believe that by taking a genuine interest in our clients’ lives, we can fully understand how they’ve been affected by their injuries. This understanding helps us to be more effective advocates for our client’s rights to compensation.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Suisun City, CA

If you or a loved one has sustained significant injuries during a motorcycle accident, please contact our experienced Suisun City motorcycle accident lawyers at (800) 404-5400 or (707) 564-1900 so we can provide you with free, friendly case advice.

Our team has worked with people in Suisun and nearby areas on major injury claims since 1982. Learn about our work by reading through some of our settlements and verdicts.

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