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Vacaville is a popular spot for bicycle riders because of its many scenic roads, paths, and trails. It’s also bike-friendly and welcomes many bicyclists and hikers yearly to enjoy the beautiful scenery and recreational exercise. Others use bicycles as an alternative to walking or driving a vehicle to go to school and work or as a pleasurable alternative. Unfortunately, there are still drivers who endanger the safety of bicycle riders by ignoring their right of way or being negligent, which results in many injuries every year. 

Bicyclist Injuries and Fatalities

2017 Solano County saw 82 bicycle riders injured or killed in accidents. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, 13 were children under 15. However, many bicycle accidents go unreported yearly, so the numbers may be much higher. When a negligent motorist or entity is the cause of a bicycle injury or fatality, a claim may be placed for financial compensation with the help of an experienced lawyer.

Seeking Help for a Bicycle Accident Injury

At Autoaccident.com, we have the experience and resources to help bicycle riders injured through negligence get the compensation they deserve. Our investigation into a bicycle accident can provide the evidence to place a strong claim for recovering medical costs, lost wages and reimburse the injured person for their pain and suffering.

Negligence That Causes Bicycle Accidents

Understanding what causes bicycle accidents is essential to learn how to avoid them. Around the nation, 58 percent of fatalities to bicycle riders happen outside of intersections, and 45 percent occur after dark. Some of the common types of accidents caused by motor vehicles include:

  • Rear-end collisions: If drivers are distracted or following too close, they may not have enough time to stop to avoid crashing into a bicycle. Forty percent of all bicycle accidents are rear-ended collisions.
  • Dooring accidents: These collisions with bicycles often occur along busy streets. If a vehicle is parked on the side and the driver or a passenger opens a door without checking for a bicycle rider, it can result in an accident injury.
  • Right turns: Drivers can neglect to check for bicyclists when making a right turn. If the rider is in the blind spot and the motorist doesn’t look before turning, the car will end up directly in the bicyclist’s path.
  • Sideswipes: Under California Vehicle Code 21760, a motorist must keep three feet from a bicycle rider. A driver who does not do so and causes a collision is guilty of negligence.
  • Exiting an alley, side street, or driveway: A driver crossing into a bicycle rider’s path can cause a collision. Generally, the driver is not paying sufficient attention and does not spot the rider.
  • Intersection accidentsIntersections are prime locations for many bicyclist accidents. Designated bicycle lanes are not available in all areas. In addition, riders must contend with traffic coming from many other directions and motorists who cut into the bike lane to make a right turn.
Additional Reasons for Bicycle Accidents

Being a responsible driver can help prevent many accidents for bicycle riders. Since those on bicycles are more vulnerable, these accidents often result in serious injuries. Some of the common risky behaviors that can lead to the injury or fatality of a cyclist include:

  • Drunk driving or the consumption of drugs: A high number of all traffic accidents are caused by drunk or drugged driving. Because the driver lacks judgment and has poorer reflexes and vision, it can end up causing severe injury to someone on a bicycle.
  • Speeding: Speeding is a significant cause of all accidents. The driver is less likely to be able to stop in an emergency, but the increased speed presents a higher risk of injuries and fatalities when it involves a bicyclist. 
  • Fatigued driving: A driver who is too tired to be behind the wheel of a vehicle can easily cause a traffic accident involving a bicycle rider. Fatigue can be caused by an untreated medical problem, performing shift work, and staying up too late the night before.
  • Distracted driving: Cell phone use while driving has become a significant contributor to all types of accidents, as drivers talk on a phone or text. Other forms of distracted driving include changing a radio station, chatting with passengers, and eating or drinking.

The following video shows some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents.

Investigation of a Bicycle Accident

By conducting an investigation to uncover evidence before it disappears or is destroyed, a strong case can be built for the recovery of financial damages for the client. Our experienced investigators immediately go to the accident location to begin by talking to the witnesses and checking the police report for mistakes. Other types of evidence the investigators collect include:

  • Searching for video footage of the accident from traffic surveillance and business cameras
  • Performing accident reconstruction, which can show exactly how the collision occurred and point to specific types of negligence by the driver
  • Checking to see if the driver violated the three-foot distance rule, which led to the bicyclist injury
  • Looking for road damage that might have caused the accident, which means that a government entity might be liable for damages

Once all of the evidence has been gathered together, it is time for our experienced lawyers to take over to build a strong case. This is used in negotiating with the client’s insurance company if possible. Because not all insurance companies are cooperative and look for ways to lower or deny a claim, the evidence can also be used in civil court.

Vacaville Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, having a seasoned Vacaville bicycle injury attorney by your side can determine whether you receive an award covering all your losses. Call us at (707) 564-1900 or (800) 404-5400 for free and friendly advice. We can also be reached by completing the message form online.

Since 1982, we’ve helped Vacaville residents obtain the compensation they deserve in traffic accidentswrongful deaths, and traumatic injuries.

More information about our past cases can be found on our Settlements and Verdicts page.

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