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Valley Springs Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer


Valley Springs is a census-designated place in Calaveras County at State Route 12 and Route 26. Valley Spring is smaller than 10 square miles and sits beside Rancho Calaveras and Burson. Although it’s easy to blow through Valley Springs up or down the state, those who pull off the main roads are thrilled to find a small community full of families, thriving local businesses, and beautiful scenery.

Car Accidents in Valley Springs

As you can gather, a small community like Valley Spring doesn’t see the traffic as other bigger cities or even a place like Sacramento. However, accidents occur just like everywhere else. In fact, Calaveras County has seen more than 300 injuries and fatalities due to car accidents in 2015 and 2016.

These accidents have many causes, but driver negligence is often to blame. Isolated roads sometimes bring out the worst in motorists, who drive too fast for the conditions or take illegal actions like passing on the shoulder. It isn’t surprising that injuries often result.

A Valley Springs Personal Injury Attorney

We handle more than car accidents. We can also help you receive compensation if you have suffered severe injuries in any of the following:

Our experience is unmatched in the area, and we have probably handled a case like yours. Reach out to us for more information about how we can help.

What is the Average Settlement for a Personal Injury Case?

Since 1982, we’ve learned there’s no reason to speak of “averages.” Every case is unique, and what happened in someone else’s case bears little on what will happen with yours.

Still, our firm receives numerous phone calls requesting the “average” settlement amount. Instead, let’s look at some factors:

  • How much did your injuries cost you in medical care and lost wages? You could be out of work for six months if you suffered a cervical fracture. Other injuries are permanent and require a lifetime of medical care. Lost wages and medical care are two economic losses you can receive compensation for. So if you lost $50,000, then you can receive that much.
  • How much has your life changed? I work on only severe injury cases, and I’ve seen families torn apart because of a bad accident. You can be compensated for if your injuries make you depressed or anxious. You can also receive money to compensate for never enjoying your hobbies or suffering from chronic pain. The more the accident has disrupted your life, the more you can receive.
  • Did you suffer property damage? This is another expense for which the person at fault for your accident must compensate you.

Once you add up these amounts, you must consider whether you also contributed to your accident? If so, the amount you receive will be reduced by your percentage of fault. For example, someone who jaywalks across Route 26 might be 60% responsible and only receive 40% of what they otherwise would.

Will You Have to Testify in Court?

Many people are afraid to bring a court case for compensation because they want to do anything possible to avoid testifying at trial. Now, we aren’t going to mislead you and claim that you have nothing to worry about. But the fact is that Hollywood movies and TV shows paint an inaccurate picture of what being a witness is really like.

If you’ve suffered horrible injuries, the attorneys will probably take it easy on you; otherwise, they will alienate the jury. For another, we work closely with our clients to ensure they are well prepared for the questions they will be asked. A good witness remains calm, thinks before they speak, and looks jurors in the eyes.

Even better, few cases need trial because they settle out of court. Settlement can often be to your advantage, and you get money faster without taking the risk of going before a jury.

Red Flags to Watch for When Meeting with an Attorney

Your choice of attorney matters. A reasonable Valley Springs auto accident attorney can get you the maximum compensation to cover your losses, whereas an inexperienced or overworked attorney might leave money on the table. Lawyers give free consultations and case evaluations, but what should you watch out for?

Here are some red flags telling you to run, not walk, to a different lawyer’s office:

  • The lawyer doesn’t explain things clearly to you. You can’t participate in your case if you have no idea what is happening.
  • The lawyer is rude, condescending, or snobbish. This type of attorney probably won’t care how you feel about a case.
  • The lawyer has rude staff. This is another red flag, and it shows the lawyer, no matter how well-meaning, doesn’t have control of his office.
  • The lawyer’s office is messy. A lawyer should be serious about keeping client information confidential, which is hard to do when papers spill out of drawers and are all over the floor. In addition, disorganization may be a sign that an attorney is seriously overworked.

Instead of taking your chances with a name picked out in a phone book, call me. We offer frank, friendly advice to anyone who picks up a phone.

Watch the video below for insights on selecting the right personal injury lawyer.

Can You Afford an Attorney?

Savvy consumers are rightly worried about the costs of bringing a lawsuit. Fortunately, my firm represents personal injury clients on contingency, meaning you aren’t responsible for any attorneys’ fees unless we win your case. If not, then you never have to pay us a fee.

We’ve found that contingency fees work well, allowing badly injured victims to access world-class legal help for no money upfront. Contingency fees also incentivize lawyers to take a case when it has real merit. We put all our fee agreements in writing, which you can read carefully before signing up with us.

Valley Springs Personal Injury Attorneys

Were you injured in a car or other accident? And do you have bills that you can’t pay? If so, we can help. Call our Valley Springs personal injury lawyers at (209) 227-1931 or (800) 404-5400. We offer free, friendly, and fair advice to anyone in distress who needs legal help. You can also reach us online by filling out a contact form.

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