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The Myth of an Attorney Identifying the Value of Your Injury Case

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The Myth of an Attorney Identifying the Value of Your Injury Case

courthouseYou’ve seen the promises on TV. 

Call us now and find out the value of your injury case. Our experienced attorneys are available to tell you right now.” 

In the background, you see a group of “supposed” lawyers ready to tell you what you want to know now.

Anyone heard the word “scam” before? This is a scam, pure and simple. 

No attorney can tell you the value of your accident case because the amount depends on things that haven’t happened early in the case. Things like:

  • How much medical treatment you’ve had.
  • How much the cost of your medical treatment is to date.
  • The nature of your injuries and how they affect you and your family.
  • Whether your injuries are permanent or will get better.
  • Whether you are more likely than not to have medical bills in the future related to this accident.
  • Whether you are likely to be able to get back to work or work as much as you did before this accident.
  • How your spouse’s life was negatively affected by your injury.
  • What doctors you’ve seen and whether those doctors are respected by an arbitrator or a jury.
  • How you present when you’re before the arbitrator or judge.
  • How experts support your case or not.

None of these things can be known in an initial phone call. These all take time and mutual effort of the client and the attorney to determine.

Don’t be rushed by commercials that promised to give you easy, false answers. Life, and your case, is not that simple.

When you hire a personal injury attorney, don’t rely on TV ads. That’s the worst way to hire any lawyer. Instead, look up their ratings on Yelp and Google. Do these attorneys get good reviews? Look to social proof? Read the reviews.

Then, see if they have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements in the past. Their judgments should be listed on their web site. That doesn’t mean they can get you that money on your case, but it does show that if your case is a good one, and there’s enough insurance on the other side, they will be likely to help you obtain a fair verdict.

Finally, look at the organizations they belong to. Are they members of X, Y, Z list? We are.

I’m Ed Smith, founder of AutoAccident.com, and we’ve been really helping people get the very best money they can on severe injury cases since 1982. Call me today at 916-921-6400, for free, friendly advice.

I promise not to tell you the value of your case. I also promise I’ll help you manage your care professionally and cooperatively that will put you in the best position you can be in to obtain a just and fair settlement or verdict.

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