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Why Intersections Can Be Dangerous

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Why Intersections Can Be Dangerous

Driver negligence is the most critical factor in most intersection collisions. A driver may underestimate the time needed to cross the intersection on a green light and then decide to shoot the light because of excessive speed. Red-light running is a severe safety issue across the nation. Speed is a factor because the traffic control device may change suddenly. The time when a light changes from green to yellow is hazardous. If a driver is inattentive or traveling at an unsafe speed for conditions, he cannot stop in time.

Road and Design Defects

In addition to human error in operating the vehicle, there may also be severe design defects or maintenance problems contributing to the accident and for which a government entity may be fully or partially responsible. Among the many defects we have found over the years are:

  • Improperly marked lanes
  • Shoulders Missing or Dropping off precipitously
  • Inadequate or confusing signs
  • Obstructed signs
  • Sun glare or visibility defects
  • Defects in Traffic Signal lights
  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Improper lane Width
  • Lack of median barrier
  • Failure to comply with state or federal regulations
  • Inadequate lighting (especially at rural intersections)
  • Potholes
  • Water pooling
  • Drop-offs in the road
  • Improper Inclines or Declines
  • Fallen Trees
  • Fixed object hazards such as guardrails

The list of potential intersection design and maintenance issues is extensive, and the time to investigate these problems is limited. Intersection safety is a local, state, and national priority.

By law, in California, a claim must be filed against the government entity responsible for a defect in the road within 180 days of the accident. Further deadlines for then filing a lawsuit, if necessary, also apply.

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