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Many things in life are outside of our control, including the tragic loss of a family member in an accident. Wrongful death cases in California are allowed where a person’s demise was caused by the carelessness or negligence of another individual or entity. These matters are designed to compensate a decedent’s family for the unexpected loss of a close relative, including the emotional and financial support that would have been provided by the deceased person.

Do not let the legal process dissuade you from the justice and monetary relief your family deserves. Our wrongful death attorneys in Wilton, CA, can help. We are here to listen to your story and provide case advice that is compassionate, free, and friendly. Dial (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400.

One too many people are killed in preventable accidents in California every day because of the negligence of others. If such a tragic event has happened in your family, our experienced and compassionate wrongful death lawyers serving Wilton can help. We will guide your family through the process, protect your rights, and seek the justice you deserve. Our attorneys are available to listen to your story and just a call away to schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Fatal Accident Case?

An in-depth investigation into an accident fatality is necessary to identify all possible defendants and hold them accountable for the loss of life. Possible negligent parties may include but are not limited to:

  • Individual: When an accident fatality occurs through another person’s negligence or carelessness, that individual and their insurer may be held responsible for damages from the incident.
  • Employer: If the individual caused the fatal incident while on the job, the employer may be liable for damages.
  • Public Entity: A government entity may be a possible defendant in a wrongful death case if unsafe road design or conditions directly caused or contributed to a crash fatality.
  • Auto Manufacturer: If a defect in the design, manufacturing, or marketing (warning labeling) of a vehicle part led to a fatal collision, the auto manufacturer may be held liable for the losses incurred.

An experienced attorney will conduct a thorough investigation into the fatal incident, identify the liable party or parties, and build the strongest case possible to seek maximum financial relief on your behalf.

What Types of Damages Can a Lawyer Help Recover?

Compensation is intended to make a family whole again. Economic and non-economic damages available in a wrongful death action include:

  • Costs of final resting arrangements
  • Loss of guidance, love, companionship, and care
  • Loss of household services, including childcare and home upkeep
  • Medical expenses for the injuries that caused the decedent’s demise
  • Loss of benefits and financial support, including health insurance and pension

In some rare cases, punitive damages may be available. This will depend on if the at-fault party’s actions were egregious. For more information, contact an experienced wrongful death attorney near you.

Is There Enough Insurance?

The purpose of a wrongful death claim is to compensate surviving family members for the financial hardship and emotional impact of the unexpected loss of life. Given that a loved one’s life is immeasurable, various factors must be considered when determining the value of economic and non-economic damages. An attorney will work with experts to calculate losses and build a strong case to present in negotiations or the courtroom.

Issues may arise in the recovery process when the defendant has insufficient or no liability insurance. In these circumstances, an experienced Wilton wrongful death attorney will work to determine if there are other sources of financial recovery for their client. In the context of a motor vehicle collision fatality, a knowledgeable lawyer will file an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim with the insurer. For more information, contact our skilled legal team at AutoAccident.com for a free consultation.

How to Find the Best Lawyer for Your Fatal Accident Case

When coping with loss and grief, it can be challenging to find the right attorney. Here are some things to consider when searching for the best wrongful death attorney in Wilton, California:

  • Read the biographies of the lawyers at the law office
  • Read reviews left by former clients of the law firm on Google, Yelp, and Avvo
  • Perform an online search for “best wrongful death attorney near me” and research the results
  • Contact law firms for free consultations to determine if they are a good fit for you and your case

At our law firm, our attorneys work diligently to build the strongest cases possible for clients we represent in Wilton, Sacramento County, and throughout California. Our commitment to successful results is reflected in our history of case resolutions and reviews from past clients.

Wilton Wrongful Death FAQ

How much time does a plaintiff have to file?

Unless there are existing special circumstances, a surviving family member must file a case of wrongful death within two years of the date of the fatal incident. This is by CCP 335.1. Conversely, a family has six months from the date of loss to file a notice of claim if the death was caused by the negligence of a government entity. This is set forth in the California Government Code Section 911.2. To determine the applicable deadline in your potential case, contact a knowledgeable attorney near you.

Who is eligible to file for wrongful death in California?

Any compensatory damages recovered by an attorney on behalf of surviving family members are for the benefit of that family. A wrongful death case may be brought forward by those with filing priority, including the deceased’s children, domestic partner, or spouse. The facts and circumstances of the case will determine filing eligibility if the decedent does not have a surviving spouse, domestic partner, or child. For more details, refer to CCP 377.60 or contact a skilled lawyer for a free case review.

Contact a Wrongful Death Attorney in Wilton, CA

Experiencing the unexpected passing of a close relative in an accident is a painful and challenging time. Confronting crucial decisions while coping with loss and grief can be exceptionally tough. Nevertheless, it is essential for surviving family members to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer. With decades of combined experience, a wrongful death attorney serving Wilton, California, from our law firm can assist your family in holding the at-fault party accountable for your loss. For compassionate, free, and friendly advice on your potential case, call our legal team at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400.

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