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As a small town in Merced County, Winton is the perfect place for motorcycle enthusiasts to travel through. However, like any part of Central California, motorcyclists face a significant risk of being involved in a collision. Without the safety features of other motor vehicles, motorcycles are far more dangerous when a rider is involved in an accident, often resulting in severe injuries or even death.

If you or a loved one has sustained catastrophic injuries in a motorcycle accident involving a negligent motorist or entity, you will need the guidance of an experienced injury attorney. Call our law firm today at (209) 227-1931 to discuss a potential claim. We offer free, friendly, and compassionate advice.

The Risk of Death in a Motorcycle Accident 

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III) statistics, about 4,600 people are killed in motorcycle accidents yearly. In a recent one-year period, injuries in motorcycle crashes increased by 4.5 percent. Even though motorcycles account for only 3 percent of all motor vehicles, they constitute 14 percent of accident-related deaths. Motorcyclists are six times more likely to be killed in a collision than someone in a passenger vehicle. In reality, these numbers understate the risk to motorcyclists because they do not account for the fewer vehicle miles traveled by motorcycle riders. Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in an accident than someone in a passenger car per-mile driven basis.

The Danger of Riding a Motorcycle

While inexperienced motorcycle riders contribute to most traffic accidents, many cautious and experienced riders are also involved in severe motorcycle collisions. Motorbikes are characteristically unstable, and when road hazards occur before them, it is dangerous to apply drastic over-steering maneuvers or aggressively engage the brakes. Riders who employ these techniques face a significant risk of injuries to themselves and their passengers when their body is slammed against the pavement without structural protection from their bike. Motorcycles are also far less visible than motor vehicles and easily lost in a driver’s blind spot.

What are the Most Common Causes of a Motorcycle Accident?

Many potential causes of motorcycle crashes in Winton exist, especially on Interstate-5 and State Route 99. An experienced accident lawyer has the knowledge of handling serious motorcycle crash-related injuries from the following:

  • Drivers who speed or engage in unsafe driving practices
  • Drivers of passenger vehicles who make dangerous lane changes
  • Driver’s failure to see or identify a motorcycle
  • Drunk or drugged drivers of passenger vehicles
  • Inattentive or distracted drivers of passenger vehicles
  • Motorcycle malfunctioning due to faulty maintenance or repair
  • Motorcycle manufacturing or design defects
  • Motorists whose vision is obstructed by glare or other vehicles
  • Roadway defects such as potholes
  • Slick roadways due to rain
Traumatic Head Injuries in Motorcycle Crashes

traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the most dangerous impact of a motorcycle accident, so it is essential to always wear a helmet. Data shows that helmets are about 37 percent effective in preventing fatal head injuries during motorcycle crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that in recent years, helmets have helped save the lives of nearly 1,800 motorcycle riders, and another 800 people would have been saved had they been wearing helmets.

Other Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Aside from suffering traumatic brain injuries, those involved in a motorcycle accident also suffer devastating injuries that could include:

Compensation for Motorcycle Injuries

Catastrophic injuries in a motorcycle accident can impair a person’s quality of life and render them disabled and unable to care for themselves or loved ones. Our Winton motorcycle accident attorneys understand the physical, emotional, and financial hardships of injuries from motorcycle crashes.  We are dedicated to achieving the most favorable outcome for our clients who have been in motorcycle accidents. Potential damages may include:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical therapy and treatments
  • Punitive damages
Other Types of Recoverable Damages

Depending on the circumstances of your motorcycle case, there could be other types of recoverable damages. The specific types of compensation you are entitled to are based on your unique situation. Our experienced motorcycle injury lawyers will thoroughly investigate your accident claim to ensure we identify all potential parties liable for the collision, including the manufacturer of your motorcycle or government entity that failed to fix roadway defects.

Work with Our Law Firm on Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Our firm founder, Ed Smith, is the author of the California Motorcycle Accident Handbook. We have a proven track record of obtaining successful verdicts and settlements in motorcycle cases that involve devastating injuries and death. Having a law firm on your side with excellent results is essential when negotiating with the insurance company. Our experienced legal team routinely conducts a thorough investigation and exhaustive discovery to build our clients’ most substantial possible claim.

In the video below, motorcycle accident attorney Ed Smith discusses the different laws for motorcyclists.

Call a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Winton, CA

Our Winton motorcycle accident attorneys work diligently to ensure our clients receive fair compensation for their injuries. If you or a family member has suffered severe injuries in a motorcycle accident, call us at (209) 227-1931 or (800) 404-5400 to discuss your legal options. Our injury lawyers put our skills, experience, and resources to work on your behalf to obtain the justice you are rightfully owed.

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