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Woman Fatally Injured by Falling Tree Limb in Davis

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Woman Fatally Injured by Falling Tree Limb in Davis


On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, a woman tragically lost her life after she was struck by a falling tree limb in Davis. Officials from the City of Davis indicated that the accident happened in the morning in a local park and that the woman was with a child when the accident happened. Yolo County officials have not yet released the identity of the decedent. Officials have reported that the child was uninjured during the incident.

Accident Details

According to reports, the woman was spending time in Slide Hill Park on the northeastern side of Davis when a limb from a large tree fell directly onto her. Experts estimated that the tree limb weighed 100 pounds and was around 30 feet long. Urban Forest Manager Rob Cain reported that the branch fell from around 50 feet in the air and that the impact was strong enough to break through a concrete table.

After the incident, witnesses immediately contacted the police, and emergency responders were rushed to the scene. At the park, responders determined that the woman was critically injured and had her rushed to the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento for emergency medical procedures. Sadly, she later passed away at the hospital.


An investigation into this incident is ongoing, and reports have stated that it is unclear whether high wind speeds were a factor. Cain told reporters that the city of Davis inspects and prunes trees every seven years but that there is currently a backlog of trees that still need an inspection. The city indicated that they would be conducting a risk assessment of the tree to see if it needs to be taken down.

In the following video, CBS Sacramento provides a live report from the accident scene.

Fatal Accidents Can be Life-Changing

Suddenly losing a loved one due to a fatal accident often leaves people feeling very overwhelmed, and families dealing with such traumatic grief may feel angry, sad, confused, or even shocked and unable to process what happened. During such a painful time, it is critical to do what you can to take care of yourself and the people you love. Often, grieving individuals find comfort through seeking support from their families, friend groups, and communities.

However, focusing on coping with your grief can be very difficult if your loss has left you with financial challenges. Often, families are left with medical bills for the care their loved one received before passing. Furthermore, losing somebody in your family may mean losing access to an important income source that you need to pay your bills. In some cases, families are also left without access to expensive services like childcare, cleaning, home maintenance, and more.

Getting Help

Fortunately, families can reach out for help from a Davis wrongful death lawyer. An attorney will be able to listen to the specifics of your accident and advise you on how to move forward with claiming compensation for your economic and personal losses. To learn more, it’s best to speak directly with a trusted attorney.

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