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One of the most common bone fracture cases encountered in the scope of orthopedic practice is a broken wrist (distal radius fracture). Also known as a Colles fracture, the name for this type of injury took after Abraham Colles, the first person at Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin to describe a distal radius fracture in 1814. This type of bone fracture generally occurs from a fall on an outstretched hand, particularly with the wrist in dorsiflexion. The tension may impact the wrist and its volar aspect, thus, causing the break in the bone to extend dorsally. The amount of force of the trauma and the position of the wrist at the time of the incident generally determines the severity of the injury. Compressive and bending forces usually result from the tension on the volar aspect of the wrist. Comminution and dorsal displacement often occur because of these forces transmitting through the wrist.

If you suffered a broken wrist in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation for damages incurred. Learn more by calling our personal injury lawyers for free, friendly advice on your Colles fracture case at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400.

At AutoAccident.com, we understand how challenging it may be to suffer traumatic injuries like a Colles fracture in an unexpected crash. It may be frustrating to deal with pain and face mounting medical bills all while being temporarily or permanently out of work because of accident-related injuries. Worst of all, the insurance company representing the other party and defense counsel may not always be willing to make things right with an injured party by offering the fair compensation they need and deserve. Working with an attorney experienced in handling personal injury cases may make all the difference in the outcome of your claim. Contact our legal team today to arrange a free consultation with one of our lawyers to discuss your broken wrist case. We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you owe us nothing unless we obtain fair compensation on your behalf.

Epidemiology of Colles Fractures

People of all ages may suffer a distal radius fracture. However, such injuries affect two primary populations: the elderly and young athletes. Colles fracture cases involving children generally occur because of low bone mineralization during puberty. Sporting injuries and high-impact trauma are contributing factors to these injuries in young athletes, particularly young men and boys. In the elderly population, broken wrist cases are often associated with slip and fall accidents and aging and are more common in females than their male counterparts.

How is a Fractured Wrist Treated?

When a wrist fracture has been diagnosed through imaging, the physician will determine the amount of displacement. From there, the doctor will determine whether an immediate reduction is necessary. The process will generally involve counter traction at the elbow and traction of the hand while there is an application of medial and volar force to the fractured fragment in the distal radius. When there is a supination deformity, pronation may be needed.

A temporary sugar-tong splint will be applied to immobilize the injury, and follow-up imaging will be required. Once the splint has been removed, a cast will be applied to the forearm, and the patient will be advised of red flag symptoms to be aware of. This may include tingling, numbness, or decreased range of motion in the fingers, edema, discoloration of the nail beds or fingers, and severe pain.

Is Surgery Necessary for a Colles Fracture?

Most wrist fracture cases are treated through conservative management and casting. Optimal outcomes with surgical intervention have been reported in Colles fracture cases that are unstable with significant comminution or displacement. In cases where proper alignment has not been achieved through reduction, percutaneous pinning may be necessary for attaining ideal positioning.

What are the Complications of a Broken Wrist?

The complications of a wrist fracture may be classified as late and early. They may range in severity from mild to long-term disability. Vascular injury, median nerve injury, and compartment syndrome are serious complications that may arise early. Conversely, osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome are complications that are long-term and less acute. An injury of the tendon leading to chronic pain in the wrist may occur from malunion.

Importance of Patient Education in a Wrist Fracture Case

As with any case involving injury to the wrist, medical treatment should be sought immediately. That is because proper healing of the affected area requires prompt reduction, splinting, casting, and follow-up treatment by an orthopedist. In severe Colles fracture cases, surgical intervention may be necessary. Therefore, patients must be advised on the importance of management through casting and splinting associated with neurovascular status. That is because immediate medical care is warranted when a cast is too tight. This may cause tingling, numbness, or discoloration of the fingers and severe pain. Optimal functional outcomes and restorable anatomy are possible with appropriate medical care, management, and follow-up treatment.

Can I Be Compensated for an Injury from an Accident?

An unexpected accident may significantly impact the way injured parties live, as the challenge of recovering finances and health is not always straightforward. California law recognizes the adverse effects a crash may have on an injured individual and provides them a way of seeking financial compensation for their losses through a personal injury case. The process for a traffic collision generally involves bringing a claim against the at-fault party and their auto insurance provider for economic and non-economic damages incurred. These may include medical expenses, lost wages, loss of consortium, lost enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, and more.

There is no set way of determining the value of a personal injury case for a broken wrist, as each one has unique facts and circumstances involved. All too often, injured parties settle claims for far less than what they deserve because they are unaware of their rights under California law. Unlike the insurance carrier, a Colles fracture attorney will calculate the full and fair value of a claim through the use of their experience, skills, and resources. An injury lawyer will use their network of expert witnesses such as accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, and economists to help establish the severity of the injury and resulting losses.

Importance of Seeking Immediate Medical Treatment After a Crash

Prompt medical care after an accident is essential to your health and well-being, in addition to a personal injury claim should you bring one forward. In California, the negligent party or entity responsible for the incident is liable for the damages they caused. However, if the injured party delays seeking medical treatment, the insurance company representing the other side may dispute the severity of accident-related injuries or argue that they are unrelated to the crash in question. Medical records may help establish the connection between the trauma and the accident. Having this evidence in hand is key to the outcome of a Colles fracture case.

The basis of a bodily injury claim may be adversely affected if the injured party fails to seek immediate treatment. That is because the claims adjuster may be under the impression that the claimant is not injured, has a pre-existing health condition, or that the injury was exacerbated because of delaying or refusing medical care. This may affect a personal injury case through the form of a lowball settlement offer or outright denial of the claim. By failing to seek prompt treatment, claimants may give the insurance adjuster and defense counsel the opportunity to question their injuries and credibility.

Seeking immediate medical treatment is the first step that should be taken after being involved in an accident. Physicians are trained to differentiate the symptoms of traumatic injuries such as a fractured wrist. Afterward, it is crucial to retain legal counsel that will protect your claim and your rights. When an accident attorney is hired, the lawyer will handle all communications with the insurer, help collect clear and compelling evidence to prove your claim, and seek fair compensation for your broken wrist case. Watch the video below to learn how to find the best Colles fracture lawyer in your area to represent you.

What is the Time Limit for Personal Injury Cases in California?

The statute of limitations is the time a lawsuit must be filed in civil court after an accident. An ideal situation would involve an injury attorney settling the case with the insurance company before this deadline approaches. However, that is not always possible, as filing a lawsuit is often necessary to protect the statute of limitations when it is approaching and when the insurer is unwilling to reach a fair settlement agreement.

When a lawsuit is not filed within the specified time limit, the court may dismiss the case, and the right to recovery of damages incurred may be lost. Under the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 335.1, a two-year statute of limitations applies to personal injury cases. However, if the case involves a government entity, the deadline to file a notice of claim is six months or 180 days. Refer to the California Government Code Section 911.2 and consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer for more information.

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As experienced personal injury lawyers in California, we have helped many injured parties and their families recover the financial compensation they needed after traumatic accidents. If you suffered injuries such as a fractured wrist in a crash caused by a negligent driver, contact our law firm today to discuss your Colles fracture case with one of our skilled attorneys at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400. Our legal team only works on a contingency fee basis meaning that attorney’s fees will only be due if we obtain a successful resolution in your bone fracture case. Therefore, there is nothing to lose and so much to gain when you turn to our lawyers at AutoAccident.com for legal representation.

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