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Denair Brain Injury Lawyer


Brain injuries occur in 17.3 percent of all traffic accidents, including in Denair, CA. They can leave the person it happens to with severe injuries and devastates the family and their financial situation. In more extreme injuries, the injured party may be unable to care for themselves and have to spend extended time in a nursing home or require home care by family members or a home health aide. However, if the brain injury was caused by a negligent driver or other entity, the injured party or their family may claim personal injury damages to recover those costs. It can help the family provide the care the injured party needs.

If you or a family member has suffered severe head trauma in an accident in Denair caused by negligence, call our experienced injury lawyers at (209) 227-1931 or (800) 404-540 for a free case evaluation.

Recovering Compensation from a Denair Brain Injury Accident

Since 1982, the legal team at AutoAccident.com has recovered compensation for many people who have suffered brain injuries caused by a traffic accident or negligent entity. We work hard to recover the compensation needed to care for a loved one or the injured party to recover from their trauma. During this stressful and frightening time, it helps to know someone on your side who can take the financial burden of the future off your shoulders.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries in a Traffic Accident

Almost any traffic collision can result in a brain injury. Some of the most common types of accidents that cause this include:

  • Rear-end collisions: Although many rear-end collisions occur at low speeds, such as at intersections, that doesn’t mean a brain injury isn’t possible. Because those riding in the vehicle can experience their head and neck rushing forward and backward, that’s enough to cause this type of trauma.
  • Rollover accidents: Rollovers are among the most devastating of all traffic accidents. This is because the bodies of those inside the vehicle are subject to the initial impact and may strike the inside of the car repeatedly as it rolls over. In some vehicles, roof crush occurs, which commonly causes a traumatic brain injury. Manufacturers must produce cars that can withstand 3.5 times the vehicle’s weight if it rolls, but not all of them obey this directive. Retaining a car following an accident is essential, so it can be examined for roof crush, in which case the manufacturer can be liable for injuries or fatalities.
  • Head-on crashes: Head-on collisions are among the most devastating types of traffic accidents because the speed of both vehicles is combined in the impact. Head-on crashes are commonly caused by drunk drivers who mistake an exit ramp for an entrance.
  • Motorcycle and bicycle accidents: Because motorcycle riders and bicyclists are especially vulnerable to injuries in a collision, TBIs happen frequently. The majority of these accidents are caused by negligent motorists.
  • Pedestrian injury accidents: Pedestrians are the most vulnerable to severe injuries, including TBIs, when involved in a motor vehicle collision.
  • Medical malpractice: Childbirth has gone wrong, and the mishandling of a medical condition can cause severe brain injury. Liability in these claims may lie with the physician but can also include the hospital, pharmacist, and others.
  • Construction site accidents such as falls, cave-ins, and injuries caused by heavy equipment can lead to severe brain injury.
Types of Serious Brain Injuries

Brain injuries in Denair can range from mild to severe. Different types of brain injuries that can occur caused by another’s negligence include:

  • Concussions: Those who suffer a trauma don’t even have to be struck in the head to acquire one. A concussion can result from a strong jolt or bump, anything that causes the head to move forward and backward rapidly. Most concussions heal on their own in about three months, but others can cause symptoms for up to a year.
  • Skull fractures: Skull fractures occur in four types. In the first, the bone is broken but not displaced. In the second, the fractured skull bone has become sunken, and surgery is often required to make the repair. In the third kind of fracture, the break occurs near the bottom of the skull and causes a tear in the brain’s covering. This type of injury requires emergency surgery. The fourth type is a skull injury that penetrates the brain. Hemorrhage often occurs, and this type of serious injury frequently requires emergency surgery.
  • Hematomas: A hematoma occurs when blood collects inside the skull, which places pressure on the brain. Car accidents are a common cause of hematomas, and these types of injuries can be life-threatening and require emergency surgical intervention.
  • Hemorrhage: An intracranial hemorrhage is life-threatening when the area between the skull and brain tissue is bleeding or the tissue inside the brain itself is hemorrhaging. This condition can result in brain damage because the bleeding prevents the brain from receiving oxygen.
  • Diffuse axonal injuries: A diffuse axonal injury occurs when the nerve fibers inside the brain are torn or sheared off. This is the most serious of all brain injuries, often resulting in coma and death.

Watch the YouTube video below to learn more about the different types of brain injuries.

Investigating a Brain Injury Accident

At our firm, we dispatch our investigators to the accident site. They look for evidence that proves fault and use accident reconstruction to affirm liability. The nature of the investigation varies somewhat based on different types of accidents, but the following essential investigative areas of focus are consistent:

  • Our investigators obtain surveillance and nearby business camera footage.
  • We interview witnesses.
  • Police reports are reviewed for inaccuracies.
  • Our investigators look for road defects that might have been instrumental in the accident.
  • We look for citations that prove negligence or unlawful maneuvers.

Once all the evidence is accumulated, the investigative team releases it to our Denair injury attorneys to use as they build a robust case for our client.

Call Our Brain Injury Lawyers in Denair, CA

You could claim compensation if you or your loved one suffered a brain injury because of a driver’s or another entity’s negligent actions. This can pay your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call our experienced Denair brain injury attorneys for our compassionate, free, and friendly advice at (209) 227-1931 or (800) 404-5400, or message us online.

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