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In 17 percent of all traffic accidents, such as those in Discovery Bay, people sustain brain injuries. The impact of a serious brain injury is not just devastating for the individual but also for the family and their financial situation. In the case of more severe injuries, the injured party may have to spend a considerable amount of time in a nursing home or need to be cared for at home by family members or a home health aide. A person who has suffered a head injury due to the negligence of another can seek compensation for these damages in a personal injury claim with the help of a Discovery Bay brain injury lawyer. A personal injury claim can assist in providing the injured person with the necessary care.

Recovering Compensation in Brain Injury Cases

We at AutoAccident.com have successfully recovered compensation for many people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBI) due to traffic accidents and negligent entities since 1982. Whether you are trying to recover financial compensation to care for a loved one or to recover from your own head trauma, our injury lawyers do their best to get you the compensation you deserve. Knowing that you have someone on your side who can relieve you of financial anxiety during this stressful and frightening time helps a great deal.

Traffic Accidents Often Result in Brain Injuries

An injury to the brain can occur in almost any traffic collision. These are some of the most prevalent kinds of accidents that cause brain injury:

  • Accidents involving rollovers: Rollovers are among the most destructive types of traffic collisions. As the car rolls over, the bodies of people inside are subject to the initial impact and may repeatedly hit the inside of the vehicle. Traumatic brain injuries are common when roof crush occurs in vehicles. A vehicle should be able to withstand 3.5 times its weight if it rolls, but many manufacturers fail to meet this requirement. The manufacturer of the car can be held liable for an accident-related injury or death if the roof crushes. A vehicle should be kept following an accident so that its roof can be inspected. Be sure to preserve the vehicle so an expert can inspect it. 
  • Rear-end crashes: A rear-end collision can result in a brain injury even at low speeds, such as at intersections. The rapid forward and backward movement of the neck and head while in the vehicle can cause this type of trauma.
  • Head-on collisions: The speed of both vehicles is combined in head-on collisions, making them one of the most dangerous traffic accidents. A drunk driver who mistakenly sees an exit ramp as an entrance often causes head-on collisions.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Motor vehicle collisions can cause pedestrians to suffer serious harm, including traumatic brain injuries.
  • Accidents with bicyclists and motorcycle riders: TBIs are frequently encountered in motorcycle and bicycle accidents. Motorcyclists and bicyclists are particularly vulnerable to sustaining brain injuries in collisions. Negligent drivers often cause most of these incidents.
  • Mistakes in medical care during childbirth and mistreatment of a medical condition can cause serious brain injuries. The hospital itself, pharmacists, and others can be held responsible for these claims as well as the physician.
  • Construction site accidents: Falls, cave-ins and heavy equipment injuries are all common causes of serious brain injuries on construction sites.
Traumas to the Brain

There is a wide range of severity for traumatic brain injuries. The following types of head trauma may be caused by another’s negligence, and you can receive help from our brain injury lawyer in Discovery Bay to recover compensation:

  • Concussion: The likelihood of sustaining a concussion does not depend on being struck in the head. Concussions can be caused by sudden movements of the head such as a jolt or bump. It takes about three months for most concussions to heal, but some can lead to symptoms for as long as a year.
  • Hematoma: Blood collecting inside the skull causes hematomas in which pressure is applied to the brain. Hematomas are commonly caused by car accidents. Emergency surgery may be needed to treat these types of injuries.
  • Skull fractures can be classified into four types: The first kind involves breaking the bone but not displacement. Often, in the second situation, the broken skull bone has sunken, and this requires surgery to be repaired. The third type of fracture involves tearing the brain’s covering when the bone breaks near the bottom of the skull. Emergency surgery is required in this case. An injury to the brain that penetrates the skull is the fourth type. These types of injuries frequently result in bleeding, which requires emergency surgery.
  • Hemorrhage: Intracranial hemorrhages are life-threatening conditions that occur when blood is leaking from the area between the skull and brain tissue or when the brain tissues themselves bleed. The bleeding prevents oxygen from reaching the brain, which can cause damage.
  • Diffuse axonal injury: When the brain’s nerve fibers are sheared off or torn, a diffuse axonal injury occurs. Diffuse axonal injuries are the most serious type. Coma and death are common outcomes.
Investigating Brain Injury Accidents

Investigators from our firm go to the scene of the accident. Liability is determined by reviewing evidence that proves fault and using accident reconstruction to show it. Different types of auto collisions require various types of investigations, but the following key areas of investigation are consistent regardless of the type of accident:

  • Interviews are conducted with witnesses.
  • The accuracy of police reports is checked.
  • Camera footage from nearby businesses and surveillance cameras is obtained by our investigators.
  • Investigators examine the road for defects that might have played a role in the accident.
  • Citations demonstrating negligence or illegal maneuvers are obtained.

We release the evidence gathered by our investigation team to our Discovery Bay brain injury attorneys for them to use in building a solid case for our client to recover compensation.

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Discovery Bay Brain Injury Lawyers

I am Ed Smith, and I’m a Discovery Bay brain injury lawyer. A driver or other entity may be liable for your brain injury if they were negligent. In addition to paying for your medical bills and lost wages, you may also be compensated for your pain and suffering. You can reach us at (925) 428-5220 or (800) 404-5400, or send us a message online for our compassionate, free and friendly advice.

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