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Implications of Low Bone Mineral Density in Fractures

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Implications of Low Bone Mineral Density in Fractures

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The bones are responsible for structural support, providing protection to internal organs, facilitating movement, and storing vital nutrients. There are 206 bones that make up the adult human skeleton, and each is composed of connective tissue that is reinforced with specialized bone cells and calcium. Most of the calcium supply in the body is found in the bones. Bone mineral density loss may have many consequences, one of which includes the increased risk of fractures from the development of osteoporosis. To maintain the structural integrity and strength of the bones, it is essential to monitor various hormone levels, engage in routine exercise, and have a well-balanced diet.

A loss of bone mineral density is a risk factor for fractures. If you suffered a broken bone in an accident caused by another party, contact our legal team to discuss your case with one of our skilled personal injury lawyers and receive free, friendly advice at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400.

At our law firm, our team of attorneys is well-versed in California personal injury law and is committed to advocating for our clients to ensure they are fairly compensated for the undue harm they have endured. After an accident resulting in a fracture, we understand the challenges you may face, particularly if you have low bone mineral density. We are here to help you get your life back on track after a life-changing crash and handle your case from start to finish. Contact our legal team today to schedule a free consultation and learn what we can do for you and your bone fracture case.

What are the Most Important Factors That Influence Bone Density?

When it comes to the health and structural integrity of the bones in the body, a wide array of factors must work together to maintain them and prevent the development of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Bone density depends on the following:

  • Routine weight-bearing exercises
  • A well-balanced diet with sufficient minerals and vitamins
  • Hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, calcitonin, growth hormone, and parathyroid hormone
What are the Risk Factors for Low Bone Mineral Density?

Some of the factors that may have an influence on bone loss and osteoporotic fracture risk may include:

  • Excessive alcohol use and smoking
  • Age, poor diet, and insufficient physical activity
  • Changes in hormones from menopause or smoking
  • Medications such as hormone blockers and glucocorticoids
  • Health conditions such as celiac sprue, overactive parathyroid gland, chronic kidney disease, and rheumatoid arthritis
What Happens to the Body When Bone Density is Low?

A loss of bone mineral density may have the potential to result in severe health conditions leading to an increased risk of pathologic fractures. Among the most concerning is osteoporosis, a medical condition involving a thinning of the cortex and widening of the holes inside the bone. Because of this, the bones may become more fragile. Osteoporosis is a more severe development of osteopenia, a condition characterized by a bone mineral density or bone mass that is unusually low for a patient’s age. The fragility of the bones from this health condition may cause fractures from a minor activity like a fall from a low height, coughing, and lifting. Conversely, it may also lead to posture change, height loss, and severe pain in the back.

Is Low Bone Density Reversible?

While a loss in bone density is not reversible in all cases, there are treatment options available for patients with osteoporosis. This may include therapy with bisphosphonates that inhibit the function of osteoclasts, the type of bone cells responsible for the breakdown of the bone, to limit bone loss. While bisphosphonates have not been found to cause the formation of new bone, studies have found that they cause net increases in bone mineral density and lower the overall risk of osteoporotic fractures. There are recommendations and limitations set out by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) on bisphosphonate therapy, including the duration of treatment, as there is a possible risk of developing adynamic bone disease (ABD) from long-term use.

What Type of Compensation is Available in a Bone Fracture Case?

In California, injured parties may seek economic and non-economic damages in a personal injury case for an accident caused by the negligence of another party or entity. These consider financial and intangible losses, like:

  • Costs of past and future medical treatment for a bone fracture, such as emergency transportation, hospitalization, surgery, diagnostic testing, prescription medication, physician services, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and medical devices like crutches
  • Loss of earnings for the time that the injured party was out of work because of recovering from trauma or attending medical appointments for the treatment of accident-related injuries
  • Lost future earnings if the broken bone has resulted in a permanent disability that affects a claimant’s ability to work
  • Loss of consortium for the damage an injury such as a bone fracture has caused to a marital relationship
  • Emotional suffering and physical pain from the bone fracture
Can a Pre-Existing Condition Affect a Bone Fracture Case for Compensation?

Financial recovery in a personal injury case generally reflects the severity of accident-related injuries and damages incurred. Conversely, various challenges may arise in those cases involving pre-existing health conditions. The insurance company and defense counsel may claim that reported injuries were not the direct result of the crash and are unrelated to the incident. While an injured party may have a pre-existing condition, that does not necessarily prevent them from seeking financial recovery for their losses. Financial compensation may still be sought under the premise of an exacerbation of a pre-existing medical condition.

An injured party will have the opportunity to present any evidence that may help prove that a pre-existing health condition was exacerbated because of the collision. This may include medical records from before and after the accident, testimony from expert witnesses, and other forms of evidence. It is essential for a claimant to be honest and forthcoming about their medical history as the failure to disclose any pre-existing conditions may harm their credibility in the long run. While the other side may attempt to use a pre-existing medical condition to get out of paying a personal injury claim, an injured party is entitled to fair compensation for the aggravation of their condition. An experienced bone fracture lawyer will work with a claimant to determine the types of damages they are owed and ensure that they receive fair compensation for their losses.

How Can a Lawyer Help with Your Bone Fracture Case?

Working with an accident lawyer with the right expertise, skills, and resources is an essential component to the successful outcome of a broken bone case. They bring their experience and knowledge in California personal injury law to your civil case. Some of the many services you can expect your bone fracture lawyer to provide may include:

  • Conducting an independent and thorough investigation of the incident that resulted in the traumatic injury
  • Determining potential sources of financial recovery, including liability coverage and umbrella insurance policies
  • Calculating the value of a bodily injury claim based on the facts and circumstances involved, like the severity of the trauma, how much work was missed because of the broken bone, accident-related expenses, and future anticipated losses in connection with the injury
  • Handling communication with the insurance company and defense counsel to protect a personal injury case from the common tactics utilized by the other side to downplay the value of a case or outright deny it
  • Building a strong case for fair compensation to present in insurance negotiations
  • Collecting clear and compelling evidence and working with expert witnesses to help prove a broken bone case in civil court

When the other side has not yet made a reasonable settlement offer, an accident attorney may provide litigation services such as the delivery of opening and closing statements, presentation of evidence, and examination of witnesses to work toward a favorable award on your behalf. For suggestions on how to select a top bone fracture lawyer in your area to handle your civil case, watch this video.

Is There a Time Limit on Personal Injury Cases?

When the insurance company has proven difficult to work with and has not yet made a fair and reasonable settlement offer, filing a lawsuit in civil court is often necessary to move the case forward and protect the statute of limitations. This defines the specific timeframe for initiating legal action against the other side. A two-year statute of limitations generally applies to injury cases, as outlined in the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 335.1. The involvement of a government entity in a case may shorten the time limit to six months. This is by the California Government Code Section 911.2. To ensure that your case is filed on time, it is best to retain legal counsel immediately.

Contact a Bone Fracture Attorney to Discuss Your Case

Accidents in California may result in serious injuries and extensive losses, especially in cases involving bone fractures. When they are the result of negligence, injured parties may seek financial compensation for their damages through a personal injury case. However, those who have pre-existing conditions such as osteopenia or osteoporosis may face challenges when it comes to being compensated for broken bones. The other side may point to that condition in an effort to reduce the amount of compensation they provide to claimants or avoid paying cases entirely.

If you suffer from low bone mineral density and have sustained a bone fracture in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, discuss your case in detail through a free consultation with one of our experienced injury lawyers at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400. At AutoAccident.com, we are available anytime to meet with you and provide free, friendly advice on how to move forward. When you turn to our law firm for legal representation, you never have to worry about upfront costs as we handle cases under a contingent fee agreement. This means you owe us nothing unless we obtain fair compensation on your behalf.

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