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Manteca Brain Injury Lawyer

Manteca Brain Injury Lawyer

The brain is one of the body’s vital organs, required to process thought, coordinate motor function, and perceive the world around us. Despite the significant amount of research that has been performed, brain injuries remain a serious matter. If the brain stops working, a person is termed “brain dead.” Furthermore, non-fatal injuries to the brain are often permanent and can cause an individual and their loved ones a large amount of hardship. For this reason, traumatic brain injuries are always a serious matter.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) must be diagnosed and treated quickly to ensure that anyone suffering this injury retains as much of their brain function as possible. Any delay in recognizing the injury can lead to the loss of valuable brain tissue, possibly resulting in permanent disabilities; however, prompt recognition of the symptoms of neurological damage can lead to rapid intervention and, possibly, a quick return to baseline.

Signs and Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

When someone is concerned about suffering a traumatic brain injury, the most crucial factor is time. The faster the injury is caught, the quicker it can be treated. Therefore, understanding the symptoms to look for is of vital importance. Even if someone feels alright immediately after the initial event, symptoms can develop a few minutes to a few hours afterward. Some of the symptoms to be aware of include:

  • Loss of consciousness at any time
  • Confusion or disorientation about self, place, or time
  • Blurry vision, double vision, or loss of vision (temporary or permanent)
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Difficulty hearing or distinguishing sounds
  • Sudden or rapid changes in emotion
  • Challenges exercising judgment with specific tasks, such as paying bills, driving, or managing a schedule
  • Seizures or convulsions

Those who develop any of these symptoms need to seek medical attention to have a full diagnostic workup to ensure that they do not have a severe brain injury. Rapid treatment can help to minimize the damage to brain tissue.

Diagnosis and Assessment of Head Trauma

If someone is experiencing symptoms of a traumatic brain injury that they suffered in an auto accident, then the injury has to be diagnosed as quickly as possible so that it can be treated. There are two imaging modalities that medical professionals might employ to get a better picture of what is happening inside someone’s skull:

  • CT Scan: A CT scan can be considered a continuous x-ray. Whereas an X-ray generates an image in two dimensions, a CT scan will generate a similar picture in three dimensions, helping paint a more accurate picture of what is happening. A CT scan is exceptional at looking for brain bleeds and picking up bone fractures. It is a relatively quick scan; however, it is not as strong at identifying soft tissue injuries and uses a significant amount of radiation to produce its image.
  • MRI Scan: An MRI is a detailed scan that produces a brilliant picture of what is happening in an individual’s brain. It uses powerful magnets to produce its image and is much better at looking at soft tissue structures than a CT scan. Furthermore, it does not require radiation, a large advantage over a CT scan. On the other hand, it does take much longer to complete this scan, meaning that it typically is avoided under emergency circumstances.

Once the patient has been diagnosed, treatment can be started; however, the medical side of a brain injury is only one of many different issues a family will have to deal with.

Watch the following YouTube video for more on how a mild traumatic brain injury is diagnosed.

Financial Difficulties After a TBI

Numerous economic issues must be considered when a family has a loved one who develops a brain injury. Sources of financial stress can come from different places, such as:

  • Surgical Treatment: Many patients will require surgical care to help relieve swelling, bleeding, or clotting that has developed in their brains. Even if insurance covers these procedures, the deductible and coinsurance can be substantial.
  • Lost Income: Many brain injuries will take months to recover from, and some employers could refuse to pay someone’s salary after all their vacation time has been used up. What is a family to do without a paycheck?
  • Rehabilitation: An often-overlooked source of financial stress is the rehab appointments that come after a patient is discharged. Many insurance providers will not pay for these appointments, yet they are vital for helping someone return to their baseline.
How a TBI Attorney Can Help

Speaking with an experienced Manteca brain injury lawyer can help someone learn about their options when these issues arise. If this injury has resulted due to the actions or negligence of someone else, they should be held responsible for these costs. A Manteca brain injury attorney can help:

  • Fill out paperwork that might be overwhelming for the average person
  • Force insurance companies to honor their claims
  • Cover costs that might otherwise fall on the family
  • Take a case to court, if necessary

Anyone with questions should contact a caring, compassionate, and experienced Manteca TBI lawyer today. Nobody should have to deal with this stress on their own.

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