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Reiki for Patients with Brain Injury

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Reiki is a type of energy healing and is popular in alternative medicine.  This type of energy healing involves the application of Chi for the purposes of strengthening the aura of the patient, also known as their energy system.  Chi is used in healing as well as in Chinese mysticism and martial arts.

Practitioners of Reiki and other energy healing systems in many cultures have talked about how the universe is made up of energy as its underlying force.  In modern physics, researchers are looking into the way energy is affected by thought.  This is the same thing that practitioners of reiki already believe.  They believe that we create our own reality through our thinking and the thoughts we share with people all day long.

How Does Reiki Healing Work?

Reiki healing is extremely simple to do.  The reiki practitioner puts his or her hands upon the patient.  The intent is for healing to occur.  Then the energy begins to flow.   Healers believe Reiki energy is very intelligent because the energy comes from the Universe,

This kind of energy knows where to go inside the body and brain and it knows what to do in these places.  It is created by a higher intelligence and it is able to manage its own flow to the patient and within the patient.    This energy flow happens without conscious exertion by the Reiki healer. It is believed that the healer’s real job is to check out and get out of the way so that the healing area is open.  He or she watches and listens for signs as to what to do next.  If your life energy is low, you are less likely to heal and more likely to feel stress.  High energy, when flowing through your body is a force for healing and high energy.

Where Does the Name Reiki Mean?

Reiki is a word that comes from two different Japanese words.  The word “rei” stands for God’s wisdom or a higher power. The word “Ki” stands for life force energy.  Together it means “spiritually guided life force energy”.

When undergoing a Reiki treatment, it feels as though there is a wonderful, glowing radiance that flows around you and through you. It can affect the emotions, the body (in healing trauma, mind, and spirit so there are many areas of the body that can be affected.  After the treatment, the individual can feel relaxed, peaceful, secure, and well.  Amazing results have been reported by some people receiving reiki.

Reiki, although simple and natural, is a safe method that has been known to have positive effects on just about any illness or injury it treats. Some have found Reiki to be a good match with other conventional medical techniques by promoting recovery.

How is Reiki Different from Other Treatments?

Reiki is unlike any other teaching method. Rather than being taught like other alternative medicine modalities, the gift is passed from a reiki practitioner to the student by means of attunement given by the master to the student so that the student can dip into the unlimited supply of life force energy.  It can improve the student’s health and can enhance his or her quality of life as well. This practice has been taught to thousands of individuals of all backgrounds and ages.  While it is considered spiritual in nature, it is not a religion nor is there anything one needs to believe in. It will work whether or not the individual believes in it or not. Nevertheless, it promotes the idea that Reiki comes from God.  It keeps people in touch with their spiritual side.

The founder of this system, Mikao Usui, believed that practitioners of Reiki or the Reiki System of Natural Healing, need to practice certain ethical principles that promote harmony and peace; these things are nearly universal across all different cultures.

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