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Need help after a traumatic brain injury? You’ve come to the right place. Head and brain injuries are typically the most frightening events that a family can face. The effect of this type of traumatic injury on the sufferers and their families can be devastating. Brain injuries can be severe emotionally, physically, and financially.

If a family member has suffered a brain injury in an accident and needs help with answers to your legal questions. Call our skilled brain injury lawyers in South Sacramento at (916) 921-6400 for a free consultation.

Top Causes of Brain Damage

The causes of head trauma are wide and varied. Our South Sacramento brain injury attorneys often handle TBI cases arising from:

  • Motorcycle Accidents: Everyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle understands that it is vital to wear a helmet every time. Unlike a car, motorcycles do not have a protective metal frame to shield the riders from the road. If an accident occurs, wearing a helmet to protect the head from severe trauma is essential. Even a low-speed motorcycle accident can lead to a disastrous injury if someone’s head strikes the pavement. It is better to be prepared for this ahead of time.
  • Slip and Fall Accident: While motorcycle accidents are examples of high-speed injuries, even a simple slip and fall can lead to a traumatic brain injury. When someone slips, they lose their balance and often cannot stop falling with their arms and hands. If someone falls backward and strikes their head on the floor, this can lead to severe brain damage, such as a brain bleed. These are even more common in the elderly, where their balance tends to be worse than their younger counterparts.
  • Pedestrian Injuries: The risk of a brain injury exists even while crossing the street. While pedestrians are encouraged to use crosswalks, they typically have the right of way over a motor vehicle. If a pedestrian is struck by a car or motorcycle, they develop serious injuries. If their skull collides with the hood of a car or the hard pavement, they can suffer catastrophic brain injuries from which they may never recover.

The examples above represent only a small selection of how someone might suffer neurological trauma. For those wondering how to spot a traumatic brain injury, there are several symptoms to remember.

Symptoms of a Head Injury

The type of brain injury and its severity will heavily influence the symptoms individuals should watch for. This variety of symptoms is what makes diagnosing a brain injury so challenging. A few of the problems that everyone needs to look out for encompass:

  • Alterations in Personality: The location of brain damage will influence the personality changes that someone might experience. These could be as innocuous as appearing slightly more irritable than usual; serious injuries could cause someone to lose all inhibition and judgment. This can lead to bizarre behavior that indicates possible brain damage.
  • Emotional Swings: Trauma to the brain can also lead to dramatic emotional swings that someone might not typically experience. For example, someone could be profusely crying one moment and acting manic the next. These emotional swings are not typical behavior and should clue someone into possible neurological trauma.
  • Sensory Changes: Sensory changes can also accompany neurological injuries. Due to nerve damage, someone could have difficulty differentiating between hot and cold temperatures. Their extremities could feel numb. They might also feel extreme pain in different areas of their body. Their coordination could be impaired. Depending on the location of the injury, these sensory changes could be significant.
  • Difficulty with Basic Tasks: Someone who has suffered neurological damage may struggle with basic tasks. This could include tying their shoes, opening or closing a door, and conversing. They might have trouble cooking a meal or washing their clothes. Someone with brain damage could struggle with these activities of daily living.
The Challenges of a Traumatic Brain Injury

When a loved one has suffered a brain injury, seeking the best medical care is essential. After this, it is essential to consider the logistical problems that might develop with serious medical injuries. Examples are:

  • Financial Problems: The medical bills that accompany neurological damage can be significant. Even for people with health insurance, these policies could have large deductibles that still must be paid. What is a family to do?
  • An Investigation: The circumstances accompanying these accidents should always be investigated to the fullest extent possible. Who should be asked for help?
  • Negligence Problems: There are numerous causes of traumatic brain injuries, some due to someone else’s negligence. Shouldn’t that individual or entity be held responsible if someone else’s actions directly led to the traumatic brain injury?

It is not unusual for families to feel significant stress when a loved one has sustained a serious medical injury. If this happens, speaking with a compassionate brain injury attorney in South Sacramento can help to relieve some of this stress.

The video below discusses some of the new treatments for traumatic brain injuries.

Contact Our Brain Injury Lawyers in South Sacramento, CA

A traumatic brain injury is often the most devastating result of an accident and the last to be diagnosed. For your best chances of obtaining financial compensation, contact an experienced TBI attorney at AutoAccident.com for free, friendly legal advice at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400 today. See a list of our past cases on our verdicts and settlements page.

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