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Truckee Brain Injury Lawyer


Brain injury is one of the worst scenarios an injured party can face. Each year, about 2.5 million people face a traumatic brain injury. Of these individuals, roughly 61,000 die due to their injury, and another 80,000 develop permanent disability.

The nature of these injuries often results in long-term hospitalization and rehabilitation with corresponding high medical expenses. The injured party can reclaim damages if the TBI results from another’s negligence. Learn how a Truckee brain injury lawyer can help you do just that.

Brain Injury Attorney in Truckee

Our firm has represented many residents of Truckee since 1982 in all types of brain injury. We’ve assisted patients with acquired brain injury and their families regain their feet after this devastating trauma. Even less intense brain injuries such as concussions affect the patient’s abilities and family life.

We investigate the accident, deal with insurers on your behalf, and file a claim for the compensation you deserve. By doing this, a measure of stability is provided, one that lets you know we are in your corner. Call us at (530) 392-9400 in Truckee or (800) 404-5400 to schedule a free case review. Contact us online if it is easier for you.

While our home office is in Sacramento, we are prepared to do a virtual interview via videoconferencing. Our legal team will review your case, answer your questions, and provide options. Born during the pandemic, this capability allows clients to visit with us without travel. When a family member is injured, it is easier on the injured party and their family. This consultation is free of charge. If you retain us, you owe nothing until your case is won.

How Having Your Family Onboard Helps

A brain injury often makes it difficult for a loved one to resume life as they knew it. This includes social interactions and workplace duties. For some, household routines can be hampered by the memory loss and confusion accompanying many such injuries. When this happens, the family must be part of the person’s inner circle, helping them adjust to the new reality. With time and effort, some brain-injured individuals resume their lives without significant changes. For others, adaptation is one way to deal with a major head injury.

What Major Adaptations Are Necessary?

This varies from patient to patient. Some are unable to walk the way they once did or climb stairs. Having ramps installed in the home or even at work helps in such cases. So does the use of medical devices such as walkers or wheelchairs. In addition, using walk-in bathtubs or showers makes it easier for the individual to maintain healthy hygiene. All of these adaptations for a brain injury cost money, and your Truckee brain injury attorney can ensure that this expense is included in the final claim against the negligent party.

Types of Brain Injuries

Different types of traumatic brain injuries vary according to their severity. The following are the most common:

  • Concussion: A concussion results from a blow to the head. The most common reasons for this are falls, car accidents, and playing sports. Intentional assault can also initiate a concussion. This injury can range in intensity, depending on the type of impact. Frequent symptoms are confusion, headache, memory loss, and nausea with and without vomiting. Mild concussion symptoms can resolve after six months and are generally treated with analgesics and rest. More intense concussions can take longer to resolve, and even fewer have persistent symptoms for years.
  • Skull fracture: The skull is a rigid bone and protects the brain admirably. However, a high-impact blow to the head can cause a fracture. This provides a conduit for infections and further brain injury. Many skull fractures resolve on their own, but others require surgical intervention, particularly when they accompany other types of TBIs.
  • Subdural hematoma: A solid blow to the head can result in blood pooling below the dura, a protective membrane surrounding the brain. The blood results from torn blood vessels and can pressure the brain. This pressure is responsible for confusion, loss of consciousness, memory loss, vomiting, headache, and slurred speech. The symptoms can occur immediately or weeks later. The latter occurs most often in older individuals, which may take months before any observable symptoms are seen. Older individuals have a greater propensity for subdural hematomas, and even a low-intensity impact can cause it due to the fragility of the blood vessels. Patients on blood thinners have the greatest risk. In some cases, the symptoms resolve, but most people with a subdural hematoma require surgical intervention. Without removing the pressure on the brain, death can ensue.
  • Hemorrhage: If blood appears in the subarachnoid space, another protective membrane, or within the brain tissue, the patient is diagnosed with an intracranial bleed. The accumulation of blood can cause severe headaches and vomiting. Without surgical intervention, the patient will die.
  • Edema: Any brain injury can cause inflammation, and this results in edema of the brain. The edema is extremely dangerous to proper function and must be removed. This is done with certain drugs or surgery.
  • Diffuse axonal injury: This is a hazardous brain injury, causing interference with neuron transmission. It can lead to death or permanent disability.
Diagnosis of a Brain Injury

Diagnosing a brain injury requires an examination by a medical professional. If an accident causes a brain injury, visiting the hospital or a private physician as soon as possible is best. A thorough neurological exam and a CT scan are the cornerstones in arriving at a diagnosis.

Watch the YouTube video below to understand more about traumatic brain injuries.

Paying for a Brain Injury

The medical care associated with a brain injury is generally extensive and costly; most people cannot pay for it out-of-pocket. Your Truckee brain injury lawyer will investigate the accident and help determine liability. Once all evidence is gathered, it will be used to build a strong case for our client.

Truckee Brain Injury Lawyer

After suffering a trauma to the head, you need the insight an experienced attorney can provide. Call us at (530) 392-9400 or (800) 404-5400 for free and friendly advice. Our legal team will provide compassionate service to procure the compensation you deserve. See our past cases of Settlements and Verdicts.

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