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Vitamin Supplements for Brain Injuries

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Vitamin Supplements


Traumatic brain injury often goes side by side with mental illness and cognitive deficits.  There are herbal supplements that purport to aid illness and cognitive deficits; many of them are mild-acting.

Many patients with traumatic brain injuries have cognitive deficits, memory difficulties, lose things, forget appointments, and have word-finding difficulties. If the problem is mild, they have difficulty with many things but can otherwise take care of themselves.

The doctor can do testing to see how bad the problem is. While there is no particular treatment for traumatic brain syndrome, herbal medicine may sometimes help brain-injured individuals live normal lives in spite of their deficits.

Herbal Supplements and Their Uses

Besides conventional medications, there are numerous herbal supplements out there for sick people and for people who don’t want to get sick.  The same holds true for brain-injured patients who have poor immune systems and who are often bedridden.

The following is a list of some of the better supplements and their uses:

  • Nature’s Way has several products for the prevention and treatment of diseases.  They include Sambucol  Immune System Syrup.  This is a product used during cold and flu season to prevent these conditions.  It is said to enhance the immune system.
  • Umcka Cold Care 99 percent is a supplement that shortens the duration of sinus, throat, and bronchial irritations. It’s when you already have a cold that needs shortening.
  • Efa Gold Neuromins Plant Source Microalgae Oil containing 100 mg DHA is supposedly effective for increased visual and mental functioning.
  • Cranberry Fruit 930 mg is used for urinary tract health and the prevention of bladder infections.
  • There are symbiotics such as Colostrum Plus that provides broad-spectrum immunoglobulins for the protection and repair of the gastrointestinal tract and the skin tissues.
  • Related to this is H2GO out of Lane Laboratories.  This is a product that promotes colon health.
Other Supplement Products

There are a group of products called Dr. Pinkus Products that make Calmax, which is calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C.  They are supposedly effective for bone health, restless legs syndrome, and muscle spasticity, all of which are symptoms of patients who have a traumatic brain injury. They also make Nu-Zyme, which aids digestion.

A company called NaturalCare makes Sinufix Nasal spray for improving sinus health, preventing or relieving sinus headaches.

Vital Force Technology makes stress relief cream, which is useful for muscle pain during and after therapy, especially for trauma victims.

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