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Pacheco Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer


Pacheco is a census-designated place in Contra Costa County with a population of 4,361. Situated along Interstate 680 and State Route 4, Pacheco sees its fair share of motor vehicle collisions as there is a high rate of traffic in and out of the Bay Area. Even relatively minor crashes may result in some of the most traumatic injuries on the spectrum. This may be frustrating for injured parties left behind to pick up the pieces, especially when they were not at fault for the incident. If you were injured in an auto accident caused by another driver or entity, it is essential to understand your rights under California law.

Knowing your options for financial recovery after a car accident in Pacheco is crucial. At our law firm, we have over three decades of experience handling cases like yours. Call one of our skilled personal injury lawyers today for free, friendly case advice at (925) 428-5220 or (800) 404-5400.

At AutoAccident.com, our legal team has been helping parties injured in traffic collisions throughout California, including Contra Costa County, with obtaining the financial recovery they deserve. As a law firm that handles personal injury cases exclusively, we have the experience, skills, and resources to help injured parties recover the compensation they need to move forward from life-changing accidents. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation with one of our injury lawyers and learn how we can help you through this difficult time.

What Can Be Recovered in a Personal Injury Claim for a Traffic Collision?

Few things may be as traumatic as getting into a car accident, particularly when injuries are involved. California law recognizes this and provides injured parties a way of seeking financial recovery for resulting losses through a personal injury claim brought against the at-fault party or entity. Claimants may seek the following economic and non-economic damages:

  • Medical Expenses: Costs of medical care in connection with injuries sustained in a motor vehicle crash are recoverable. How long it may take to recover payment for past and future medical expenses will depend on the extent of accident-related injuries, the need for ongoing treatment, particularly for serious injuries, and whether the case is settled in insurance negotiations or in trial.
  • Lost Wages: Demonstrating lost wages for a car wreck often requires income documentation such as wage verification from the claimant’s employer and pay stubs from before and after the incident to prove changes in earnings. Other evidence, such as a physician’s note confirming accident-related injuries, may be useful. The note may be comprised of details on the medical condition and the doctor’s recommendations on how much time should be missed from work to recover.
  • Loss of Future Earning Capacity: In cases involving permanent injury or disability, lost future earning potential may be considered. Evidence such as medical records, pay stubs, past tax returns, letters from the employer, and testimony from the injured party’s physician and other expert witnesses may all be useful in establishing future lost wages. Hiring a skilled lawyer is essential as they can examine the facts and circumstances of your case, work with experts in the field, and obtain the fair compensation you need for lost future earnings to put the car accident behind you.
  • Pain and Suffering: Damages for pain and suffering are intended to compensate an injured party for the emotional suffering and physical pain they have endured because of a traffic collision. This may include the trauma they have experienced at the time of the accident resulting in injury, the pain they have experienced during recovery, and any discomfort and lasting symptoms of mental anguish they will likely suffer in the future. Since pain and suffering damages are subjective in nature, a judge or a jury must consider various factors to determine what should be paid to an injured party for all they have gone through.
  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses: When serious injuries were suffered in a motor vehicle crash, accommodations may be needed. This may include medical devices, vehicle modifications, and renovations to the home, such as a wheelchair ramp. These out-of-pocket expenses may be recovered so long as they may be proven as reasonable and necessary through expert witness testimony and other evidence.

Various factors may have a considerable influence on a personal injury claim and its outcome. Understanding what these are may give you a good idea of what to avoid in your accident case. Watch this video to learn more.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Injuries in a Hit-and-Run Accident?

All drivers in California are required to carry liability coverage, including property damage and bodily injury. The limits of the auto insurance policy must meet the criterion set forth in the California Insurance Code §11580.1b. This includes $5,000 in coverage for property damage, $30,000 for injury or death to more than one individual, and $15,000 for injury or death to one party. These are designed to provide compensation to others who have suffered injuries and losses because of a traffic collision caused by the negligence of another driver.

The unfortunate reality is that not all drivers in the golden state abide by this law and operate their motor vehicles without liability coverage. To put this into perspective, the Insurance Information Institute (III) released a report in 2019 regarding the percentage of uninsured motorists by state. California was ranked as the tenth highest state in the nation with the greatest percentage of uninsured drivers with 16.6 percent. With this information in mind, one of the various reasons for hit-and-run accidents may include a lack of auto insurance.

When an individual suffers injuries in a motor vehicle collision caused by a hit-and-run driver, there may still be hope for financial compensation of resulting damages so long as they have uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. While UM and UIM coverage is optional in the state of California, it is beneficial to carry for reasons such as these. When the driver responsible for an auto accident flees the scene and goes unidentified, the injured party may bring a claim under their UM protection for resulting losses. Keep in mind that insurance companies may require clear and compelling evidence of the suspect vehicle making contact with the claimant’s car before proceeding with an uninsured motorist claim.

The best part about UM coverage is that it may also extend protection to other occupants of the vehicle involved in the car wreck caused by a hit-and-run driver or motorist without liability coverage. Conversely, it may also apply to pedestrian accidents and bicycle crashes. For those injured pedestrians and cyclists without auto insurance policies of their own with UM coverage, they may seek recourse through a household member’s insurance plan so long as they were not listed as excluded members. Before settling a claim with the insurer, it is best to review the contractual language of your insurance policy with an experienced Pacheco auto accident attorney.

What if the Other Driver Does Not Have Enough Insurance to Pay for Resulting Losses?

Getting into a motor vehicle collision may be beyond medical bills and time lost at work. In serious injury cases, loss of future earning capacity, future medical expenses, and out-of-pocket expenses for medical appliances or renovations to the vehicle and home may be considered. If such damages exceed the other side’s auto insurance policy limits, this may put a claimant in a financial predicament. Fortunately, underinsured motorist (UIM) protection may come into play to pay for damages not fully covered by the other driver’s car insurance plan.

While we cannot predict when we will be involved in a car accident, it is a good idea to carry UM and UIM coverage limits that you can afford. Our personal injury law firm recommends carrying at least $100,000/$300,000 in UM/UIM coverage. Despite uninsured and underinsured motorist protection not being required in California, the few extra dollars to your monthly premium may make all the difference should you find yourself involved in a car wreck caused by a driver with little to no liability coverage.

Just like other traffic collisions, injured parties may benefit from having a skilled Pacheco car accident lawyer on their side. That is because insurance carriers, including your own, will resort to any defense tactic as a way of protecting their profit margins. This will often come at the expense of claimants as the insurer will offer lowball settlements in the hope of them accepting without realizing the true extent of economic and non-economic damages incurred. In other situations, the insurer may outright deny the claim for various reasons. When you have an experienced accident attorney handling your case, you can rest assured knowing that your lawyer will work diligently to obtain the fair financial compensation you need to move forward with your life after this stressful situation.

Is There a Time Limit on Personal Injury Cases in California?

California, like other states, has a strict filing deadline on personal injury cases. If a case is not settled with the other side, a lawsuit must be filed within the applicable statute of limitations. Under the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 335.1, a lawsuit must be filed in civil court no later than two years from the date of the car accident. If a case involves a government agency, the claimant has to file a notice of claim no later than six months from the incident date. For additional information, refer to the California Government Code Section 911.2. To determine the statute of limitations that applies to your case, reach out to a top-rated Pacheco personal injury attorney.

Is It Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer for an Accident Case?

Personal injury is a challenging area of law, and to obtain a favorable outcome in an accident case, a comprehensive understanding of these laws in the state of California is necessary. Fortunately, the right Pacheco personal injury lawyer will provide your case with the expertise, knowledge, and resources needed to obtain a successful resolution on your behalf. What is great about working with an attorney on a personal injury case is that most, including ours at AutoAccident.com, operate on a contingency fee basis. That means there are no upfront costs due, and attorney’s fees will only be required if we obtain fair compensation in your injury case.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Pacheco, CA Today

A motor vehicle collision resulting in traumatic injuries may lead to staggering costs. That is why you will want to protect yourself with the right injury lawyer that cares about you, your accident case, and your future. Give our law firm a call at (925) 428-5220 or (800) 404-5400 to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our compassionate and experienced attorneys. We are available anytime to meet with you, go over the specifics of your case, and provide free, friendly advice on how to proceed in your situation. We are dedicated to obtaining successful resolutions on behalf of our clients, and our history of verdicts and settlements is a testament to that.

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